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Farm to Farm: Visit to Cotswold Farm Park

Last weekend was a bit of a washout weatherwise, but we still managed to get a decent day out on at Adam Henson’s Cotswold Farm Park.  The rain held off, and there was even some sun…always a bonus when you’re going to a child friendly location at the start of half term.

Although we’d been to the Cotswold Wildlife Park a few times, and don’t live that far away, we’ve never been to the farm park.  It feels a bit like a busman’s holiday I suppose, but I thought N might like to get a bit more up close and personal with some of the cuddlier animals where on our farm he can’t really get that close.

If you’re a fan of Countryfile (if not, why not?!) then you’ll know that it’s Adam Henson’s farm.  We saw him wandering round while we were having some lunch, so if you’re a star spotter, he’ll stop and have his photo taken.  No, I didn’t gawp or ask for an autograph, although we did see someone ask for a photo with him.

The farm park seemed really well set out and perfect for children.  It’s wristband entry which makes it easy if you want to go back to the car at all or off site before returning.  There are plenty of maps around showing where different areas are, and it’s set in a fairly small area so although there’s a bit of off road/path walking if you want to walk round all the animals fields, then it’s not going to be too hard for children to do the whole site.

ride on John Deere tractor

N headed straight for one of the playground areas of course.  There are a variety of playgrounds – some for younger children including ride on tractors to pedal round a track, and some with a zip wire and larger wooden climbing apparatus for older children.  We got there at opening time so N had chance to have a good play before it got too busy.  He made the most of it – pedalling round like mad on one of the ride on tractors.

toddler through the play equipment hole

I managed to drag him off with the lure of the electric tractors.  He made the minimum height level by some way, but still struggled to keep his foot down hard enough on the pedal.  The downside of having short legs.  But he loved driving the tractors round the track.

electric tractor toys

The demonstration barn has various talks and demos, all scheduled on noticeboards so you can work out which you want to see and when.  We headed to sit on the hay bales and watch the goat milking.  I don’t think in all the Tractor Ted dvds that N has, that he’s seen goats being milked, so that was something new for him.

goat milking demo

We had a quick whizz round the ‘touch’ barn where the children could feed or touch the animals.   He loved the goats.

sleeping kid goats
stroking goat kids

Seeing goat kids always makes me think back to my first year in secondary school: we had a school farm and had a lesson a week on environmental science during the first year.  Really it was a mad teacher telling gory anecdotes, but it was great fun.  And for a few weeks, we were allowed to use the lesson to pair up and look after a kid each.  Taking a kid for a walk out to the field was definitely an experience for an 11 year old!

There was also the opportunity to watch the newly hatched chicks and even hold the older chicks, but N was a man on a mission.  He just wanted to get back to playing.

He had a lot of bouncing on the bouncy pillow.  It’s great as there’re 2, one for under and one for over 6 year olds.  So no tots being bounced off by the older children.  N loves jumping on his trampoline, so he was in his element – once he could get onto it!   Comedy watching his attempts at that.

bouncing pillow jumping

And not forgetting one of the sandpits.  I’m amazed at how much N likes sand.  He’s spent most of the week at nursery playing with the sand there as well…can’t see the draw myself.

building sandcastles

I managed to persuade him that we should go and look at some of the larger animals to compare the cattle to those we have on our farm.  Cue more running around up and down a hill, interspersed with brief looks over fences at a pig, some ponies and the highland cattle.

highland cattle


By that time, N was hungry (when is he not?), so we went to find some food.

running away at cotswold farm park

There’s a an informal snack bar, selling drinks, kids ‘lunchboxes’ and a few bits and bobs.  There’s slightly more choice in the café.  A few hot meal choices, sandwiches, and children’s lunchboxes.  N loved the latter as they were Tractor Ted boxes.  I prefer it when you can pick and choose from a selection what goes into the boxes, as these had yoghurt which N can’t have and not one that I’d eat instead.  I asked for a swap for something else, and credit to them, the staff on the till did let us have an extra sandwich instead.  It would be nice if there was fruit or jelly as an alternative, as the other option was more raisins.

But the food was good quality, the hot meals looked good and there was a decent selection of drinks; the prices are on a par with similar other places.  Next time if the weather was really good, we’d take a picnic as there are places to do so.

We had a good morning out but didn’t really touch on what was going on.  There’s a maze to explore and find animals for children, for which they can get a badge for a completed worksheet, a woodland walk area, plus a safari farm ride, and all the other demos (shearing, feeding etc).  N just wasn’t that interested as I suppose he can see lots of those things at home.  But he had a good play on the playground equipment; a great time without all the other farm specific activities.

You could easily spend a day there, and for the money, that’s definitely good value.  For the two of us it was just over £16, so a good price for a day out.

Have you been to Cotswold Farm Park, or a farm park near you?

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  1. Sounds like a fab day, think my little man would love it, especially the tractors and play area! We haven’t took him to the local farm park yet but hoping to do so soon (P.S. I’d go just for the Highland cattle, LOVE them! :D) #CountryKids

    1. Someone else said that about highland cattle too!
      Farm park’s seem to have so much to do at them now, they’re great days out

  2. I’ve never been to a farm park like this one. Would so love to take my 3-year-old. Photos are so adorable btw, especially the one of your little one going inside a hole 🙂 #PoCoLo.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. Farm park’s are great – I thought there weren’t many near us, but actually when you look, there’s often quite a few.

  3. We’ve been to the farm park a few times and enjoyed it – never managed to see Adam though, I think I’d be star struck if I did! #pocolo

    1. Lol. We see him quite a bit at farm shows etc that are local to us because the farm park often have a stand I don’t think I’d ever go and ask for someone famous’ autograph/photo though. Someone I know works at the vet practice they use. Small world round our way – lots of famous people living in the area.

  4. I think I have been going to Cotswold Farm Park annually (at least) for the last 7 years. My friend works there too. There are often free child entry tokens too. I believe it is cheaper in school time too if you want to take the younger ones. I love the newish sand barn as it is built under cover.

    1. Wow, that’s pretty religious visiting. That’s good to know about the entry offers. Hadn’t spotted any, but will keep a better watch on the website in future.
      The digging/sand are did look good. I like that there’s quite a few options for sand play, so none got too busy.

  5. What a fab day out with so much for the children to see and do to keep them occupied and happy. I love the photos of N climbing through the hole and laughing at the goat! Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

    1. It really does cater for all, and there’s a campsite on the field next door so great if you want to be able to go in and out as you want too if you stay there.

  6. Oh my gosh that highland cow is amazzzzinnggggg. Am in love. With a cow. We too have been to CWP but never to the farm! 100% on my MUST-visit list after seeing that beautiful cow 😀

    1. I didn’t realise you were originally fairly local to me. I’ve lived here (with a uni/work break in the middle) for years and never went as children. Strange as we used to go to the wildlife park quite a bit.

      It’s definitely modern in it’s outlook now. A good tourist attraction.

  7. We have Pauxton Park near here and we went there 2x or 3x already. But we are saving some money lately so we are just going to free places. This looks like a nice place! A bit gloomy that day but your son’s smiles brighten the trip! I love that gif too =) #pocolo

    1. Thanks. There are always lots of places to get out to which are free. I reckon that’s one of the great things about the UK

    1. Always a challenge getting photos where there’s so many children bouncing irratically in and out of the frame! He loved it though

  8. Love the Cotswold Farm Park. It’s a favourite of ours. T absolutely loves it and we are regulars there. When the weather is good it’s a great place to take your own picnic. We are tempted to try out the Camp Site there too as our first foray into camping with pre-schooler in tow!

    1. Sounds like a sensible idea. I only do camping with good toilets/showers etc, but the OH won’t go, so would need to get N’s godmother to come along as she’s the camping expert

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