telling people off

Chatty children who don’t stop

Children are noisy.  I know that, you know that.  It’s something you expect.

Thankfully N isn’t one of those children who talks AT TOP VOLUME ALL THE TIME.  I think that would drive me mad.  How teachers cope, I have no idea.

But he is a child who talks non-stop.

From the time he wakes up (with a  bit of a quiet chill out every so often, usually when there’s no one else around), to when he goes to bed, he seems to make noise.  He’ll talk – both proper chatting, and mumbo jumbo where he just talks words, but they seem to make no sense to the rest of us.  It is brilliant to hear him getting on so well with his talking, and great when we can have proper conversations.

There’s also usually one or two times a day when he goes into ‘tell off’ mode.

‘You’re naughty’, ‘don’t do that’, and the like.  It really makes me laugh, although he looks and sounds really serious at the time.

telling people off

However, it’s not only the talking that’s non-stop.  When he’s not talking, he’s making noises.  This could be singing which he does quite like doing.  But predominantly it involves humming away while he’s eating.

We’re quite odd in our house, as the OH doesn’t really do talking at the dinner table.  I think it’s because he and his family just expect good manners and to eat nicely, and if you’ve got children chatting away it mostly means they’ll be talking with their mouthful.  That contrasts with my family who always talked and put the world to rights over a meal, so to me it’s fairly alien to eat in silence, especially when you need that time to catch up with what everyone’s been up to in the day.  Anyway I digress.

N hums all the way through meals.  When he’s not talking or pointing things out to us.

I think it’s his way of singing but keeping his mouth shut while he eats, as I did ask him after I took the video what he was humming.  He looked at me like I was an idiot for not recognising it…turns out it was Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Do you have children who make ongoing noises?  Do you have any advice on making them stop?

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  1. I think they go through a stage where they love the sound of their own voice, it must be so amazing learning that you can make all these sounds, of course you’d want to keep trying them out all the time. I love the humming while eating 🙂

    1. Very good point about them wanting to try out and practice all their sounds. I’d not really thought about that. I’m surprised N’s not brought a mirror into play as he does usually tend to like looking at himself too!
      Thanks for commenting

  2. I have two toddlers who literally don’t stop talking, ever. They mutter in their sleep. We are very much like your family, dinner time is when we all sit and chat and meal times take forever but I love it. And yes to the poor teachers (I was one!) 30 kids that chatter away non stop is lovely but wears you out!!

    1. I’d never cope in a buzzing classroom!
      N’s a snorer rather than sleep talker, apart from the occasional mutter. It’s definitely lovely to hear them have so much to say.

  3. That made me laugh 🙂 I have one child who’s a thinker and the other who’s the talker…sometimes I take shelter in my older one to be able to cope, though I do find myself smiling a lot with what I hear from my 5 year old. Wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂

    1. There’s definitely a lot of laughs when you can understand what younger children go on about. It is intriguing how different children within the same family can be as well. Our family were the same – I was older and very quiet, compared with my brother who was the noisy one.

  4. That’s sweet. I love hearing my two children chatting to each other, especially when my youngest tries to copy what his sister says. It is nice to get 5 minutes of peace and quiet now and again!

    1. Oh, it must be lovely to listen to 2 siblings chatter away. I love listening to N and his cousin who’s a bit older. So funny, and interesting to find out what they choose to discuss together.
      Thanks for popping by

  5. I think it’s lovely when children chatter non stop although sometimes I do find myself having to hide in a cupboard for five minutes as I absolutely can’t face answering any more questions. Much healthier and a lot more fun to talk at the dinner table than sit in silence. Just enjoy it; if other people find it annoying then that’s their problem!

    1. A cupboard’s a good idea. We have a larder and utility room, and quite often if I nip in there I hear N asking ‘where’s mummy?’, so hiding could be a good option! Maybe that was why our mum once hid in the airing cupboard to get away from mine and my brother’s going on?
      Thanks for stopping by

  6. Yes! My son who is nearly 9 is like this. We thought he would grow out of it when he was smaller, but he has just got louder. Needing to talk a lot! Great post

    1. Thank you.
      Definitely benefits in life to being chatty, and more interesting than having a quiet child. It’s funny as I was really quiet as a child, but now am happy to chat away lots (since 6th form), so he obviously gets it from me!

    1. It’s so sweet when they just get really absorbed and chat away. Makes a contrast to all the repeat of the same questions.
      Thanks for commenting Kerry

  7. This made me smile. My 2 boys are non-stop chatterers and the oldest one has a really loud voice to boot. Thankfully they both have deep voices so at least the noise isn’t high pitched too. Every single school report (from the age of 3) has said “talks too much”!! I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it, it’s in their nature and you should just enjoy it!

    1. Ha ha. I would imagine N will be the same as well, being told to pipe down sometimes.

      It’s definitely preferable having a chatty child compared with one who doesn’t communicate at all (I have a husband like that, so N’s chat makes up for his quietness!)

  8. Sounds about right. N usually moans he doesn’t want any food, or does, or doesn’t like it…then 20 minutes later he’s on seconds or thirds!
    Thanks for commenting.

  9. Ha ha, I like the “tell-off mode” bit! Cracks me up when I hear my oldest telling off the next one down – in phrases straight out of my mouth. Your son sounds like a lovely little chatterbox. x

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