300 picture books #300pbs

300 picture book challenge – week 14

This round up of what we’ve been reading in week 14 of the 300 picture book challenge, does include a few stragglers that I’d forgotten to include last week.

Much to my consternation there’ve been lots more Biff and Chip books…I’ve now taken to hiding the books we’ve read so gradually we’ll have got rid of them, and can get N back to proper picture books.

We’ve also had a massive trawl of charity shops again.  N’s so keen on finding new books, the other day as we walked past a charity shop he dragged me to the door and told me we had to check the shelves.  He also always has to look in the Waterstones windows.  He loves the book displays, and the children’s book area always has soft toys of his favourite books.  So Peter Rabbit, this time there was a Jeremy Fisher, and he’s now announced that he wants one of the Gruffalos.  I’ve promised him that when he fills his button jar for toilet training, then he can have a Gruffalo (although I think he reckons he’ll be getting a Tractor Ted dvd and the Gruffalo!).

300 picture books #300pbs 300 picture books #300pbs

  • Books read this week – 22
  • Books read to date – 208 (69%)

300 picture books


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  1. I am so with you on the Biff and Chip books…….I have, thus far, managed to keep most of them out of our house. They are in a section of the library that my youngest has yet to discover, long may it last!

    1. Sensible. I should never have bought them from the books people when they were on offer. Driving me insane…although now over half the stash are hidden on the top of his wardrobe. He can have a look at each one once, and then they’re going to magically disappear!

  2. I love paddington. I also love that you have a button jar. Sounds like a great way to potty train.

    1. The theory behind a button jar’s a good idea. I’m not convinced rewards are particularly working for N.
      Thanks for stopping by

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