toddler playing a colour geomix triangle puzzle
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Hape Geomix for colour, shape and puzzle practice

For N’s last birthday,  one of the smaller presents I got him was a Hape Geomix puzzle set.  He quite enjoys doing puzzles, and as he’s learning shapes I thought it would be a great puzzle as he can build patterns freestyle or according to the pattern depending on what he fancies.

What’s great about these Hape sets, is that they’re good quality and made from sustainable products and manufacturing processes.  We like wooden toys as they do last longer without getting damaged, and with this one you can keep the pieces together in the little cotton drawstring bag.  This set is made from bamboo and the texture is good for the touch senses as well as the bright colours of the triangles.

geomix puzzle for children

N enjoys playing with this puzzle.  He’s obviously likes rules and guidance; like me,  he keeps things ordered by putting the pieces together the ‘right’ way, according to the pattern sheet provided.  It’s really been able to challenge him in getting the triangles the right way, matching the pattern and colours, and also practicing having a steady hand rather than going in gung-ho and knocking everything out.

hands doing a puzzle

It doesn’t take him long to put all the pieces in place, and really helps with his concentration, which does usually have a tendency to wander after a short while.  I can see this set being used for colour sorting and matching, learning colours and making other shapes from the triangles, so something that can be used as he gets older.  Nothing like a ‘slow toy’ to be able to grow with the child!

toddler playing a colour geomix triangle puzzle

I like that there are various different sizes of puzzle to choose from – I think that’s always good if you want to just try something out for your child before committing to buying a larger set.  Although in this case, I went for the larger slightly more complex one and N found this no problem following the pattern or getting the triangles to tessellate.  Each set only cost £3.99 from The Toadstool, so they’d be great for birthday party gifts or party bags.  Something to keep rather than tat which gets thrown away.


Disclosure: We are Toadtesters, but bought this set ourselves, and all words and opinions are our own.

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    1. It is a really simple idea, but executed really nicely. And I love the little bag – good to make sure no pieces get lost, unlike most other puzzles.
      Thanks for stopping by

    1. They were smaller than I thought too. But more challenging I suppose. N didn’t have any problems picking them up or putting them in place, so good for practicing steady, controlled movements – not usually his strong point

    1. It’s definitely something they can get absorbed in. And good for adults who want to try a bit of a speed challenge. Of course, you could rip up the pattern guide (my grandad did that to my rubik’s cube, so I then had no hope of solving it!)

  1. They’re really cute aren’t they. N has another set of small wooden shapes that are meant for building, but he’s not fussed on those – I think he likes the patterns. thanks for stopping by

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