The Christmas tree is finally up

Whoop.  Very exciting.  Finally our Christmas tree has been brought down from the roof; I spend yesterday evening putting it up and decorating it.

I have a purple and silver theme and have bought new items over the years.  I think I did go a bit over the top when I changed it from a 4ft to 5ft tree thinking I needed more baubles as I have 3 lots of baubles leftover.  And a string of silver beads (no tinsel on our tree…although I do have one gorgeous lilac lot that I could try next year to maybe take away the thinness, but then I tend to think tinsel takes over).  At least I can pick and choose the nicer baubles.

We do have a gorgeous star decoration, but can’t put it on the tree as it won’t hold it.  So I just use a couple of star shape decorations, although you can’t really see them.

I love tonnes of lights (3 sets anyone?!).  Really I should just get one massive set of lights…maybe in a couple of years.  However, N seems drawn to the lights when they’re on, so not sure how often they’ll be on this year if I’m not in the same room as him all the time.

He’s already had 2 goes at removing baubles so not sure how long they’ll last.  I may be needing to put the chair more in front of the tree to ensure more toddler proofing!

Apart from the tree, we’re severely lacking in decorations.  Usually I string cards up in the hall, and wrap tinsel round the banisters, but the string never seems to stick and I’ve not got round to finding another card solution (maybe bluetack to the doors?).  We made our ‘salt dough’ style decorations, but they’re too heavy for the tree so not sure where to hang those, and I also did some glitter foam snowflakes.  Maybe I’ll hang those up by the cards on the doors.  Decisions, decisions…

christmas tree baubles
Choosing the baubles he likes!

Not sure there’ll be enough room underneath for all the family’s presents, but they’ll probably get put under on Sunday.

The next Christmas wish is to try and get to one of the local services – looks like being a nearby Christingle…N and candles?  Interesting thought.

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