Overseeing pheasant shed building

Mini farmer in the making

I don’t know why I’m surprised, but N (like all this cousins before him), love going out on the farm with his dad.  Luckily now it’s getting to pheasant/duck breeding season, it means there’s more opportunities for him to go out and ‘help’ rather than him not being able to go on the tractor because he’s not big enough to sit on the seat on his own.

Now if he’s not napping, he can go and help Dad with feeding and checking the ducks, and help oversee building the pheasant pens.  It means I get some time  do the things I can’t do when he’s around (unload the dishwasher, make tea without him hovering and wanting to play).

I just have to make sure now that I keep an eye on him as if a door to outside isn’t shut, he’ll be off out down the drive trying to see the tractor or chasing the dogs…not having his shoes on won’t stop him.

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