Child’s jigsaw success

I’m so impressed with my little man.  He can now quite happily work out his wooden jigsaw puzzles and has been able to for a few weeks now.

It started with his Melissa & Doug birthday/Christmas present from my godparents which is a great little jigsaw type of toy.  Each piece is a vehicle with a magnet on, and there’s a tow truck with a magnetic stick so he can pick up the cars with the magnet to tow them off.  Obviously it’s meant to be more like the ‘hook the duck’ style fairground games, but he holds the stick as that’s steadier and better as he’s learning.  He gets so excited when the cars stick to the magnet.  He can put them back into the correct spaces, but quite often prefers to still tip the board upside down to tip them out and then sit & chew the magnetic stick.

He also has a normal wooden farm animal jigsaw, again which he can do, even though it’s been chewed and therefore the edges of the pieces are warped and the stickers are mostly chewed off at the edges.

Bringing me his jigsaw

What makes me laugh is that he’s quite like me.  He can’t be bothered when all the pieces are out, to try and put them back in the right places.  It seems to be too hard work.  He’ll only try when he’s taking one out at a time.

It reminds of my Rubik’s cube – I could always complete it because I never mixed it up properly (until my Grandand did, and then I could never complete it again!).

Hopefully as he gets older he’ll try a bit harder

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