toddler walking around empty floor

Toddler Ministry of Funny Walks

Now N’s been walking for some months, he’s getting more adventurous and confident about his movement.  Sometimes it’s all a bit amusing as he decides to try different actions.

We’ve had the ‘soldier/can-can type, kicking up the legs in front of him; little stomps on the spot (I think that can also be thought of as his dancing, along with turning round and mock jumping/bending his knees.  And not forgetting the walking backwards.

Now he’s good at his walking, he’s trying the running as well.  Not so successfully, but he’s enjoying trying…although it does make it harder to catch him for nappy changes or trying to get him to come into the house after being outside!

Run around space next door after the ‘rentees’ left

Anywhere he’s given space, he’s off walking in whichever way he likes.

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