'Playing' the piano, in his hand-me-down England t-shirt

Babies and feet goings on

N is obsessed with feet at the moment.  Babies and feet Рthey do seem to go through a phase of this.

Not so much his own feet. Although he is partial to pulling up his trouser legs while he’s in the car seat, to jabber on and prod at his legs (strange child…no idea what he’s going on about, but I’m trying to teach him leg & knee).

It’s other people’s feet.  He obviously takes after his father and likes having his own feet massaged, unlike myself who is not a fan at all.

He’s taken to grabbing bare feet if they’re out.  It’s very amusing (I’m relieved as he’s usually not that fussed about mine), but I hope it’s not as vicious as his nose grabbing which is another favourite at the moment (Dad’s been ‘stealing’ N’s nose, so he’s copying that at the moment).

Other feet things: we’re loving the musical floor piano toy that my brother has given him. ¬†It was a freebie at his work (bizarre but great gift from a supplier, unlike at my work where you’re lucky to get a mug or calendar at Christmas – anything more, and you have to donate it to charity raffles etc), and we’ve spent some time this afternoon playing it.

It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be, has about 8 different instrument options, several demo tunes, and that most important item…volume control.  What’s also great is you can play 2 notes at once.  Of course, the adults were more excited about it than N who was a bit puzzled and just walked up and down it.  On my trip to New York a few years ago, I was gutted at FAO Schwartz to find that the Big film piano was being demo’d brilliantly by some staff members meaning we couldn’t have a go.  But I guess this isn’t bad for a version to have at home.  Especially handy given my OH refuses to let me move my piano from my mum’s into our house.

N also occasionally ‘dribbles’ his little football across the room, flukily I think rather than natural talent, so there’s quite a lot of footwork happening at our place at the moment.  I’d love to take him to Little Kickers which have classes for 18 months and up once he’s old enough, but the youngest classes are on a Friday morning when I work, so we may need to wait til he’s a bit older and check out the Saturday classes instead.

‘Playing’ the piano, in his hand-me-down England t-shirt
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