Where’s my drawer? Pre-school visit

N’s still got a few months to go until he moves up to the pre-school room in his day nursery as they don’t move until they’re three.  But he does get to spend some time with pre-schoolers sometimes, so he’s used to being with the older children.

Today they were short on children in his usual room, so he was having a pre-school visit for the day.  I’d told him before we left so he was prepared and off he marched to the other door when we arrived.

He was a little flummoxed on being greeted by a different staff member to his usual room, but a mention of breakfast meant he was soon off without a backward glance.  They do have cctv for parents, but I can’t get access on my work computer so couldn’t see what he was up to and had to wait until I picked him up to find out.

Turns out that unsurprisingly he was a star and had a great day with them.  He had time in waterproofs jumping in puddles down at their forest school, looking at mushrooms growing, and finding bugs.

Mondays are one of the days that room have french from a visiting teacher; he was a little confused by that so spent time wandering in and out with his usual key worker.  But otherwise loved playing with them, especially outside on their larger ride on toys (they have lots of tractors so he’s in his element).

When it came to leave, we grabbed his bag and coat while I chatted to the room leader about what he’d been up to.  We were standing by the children’s named drawers as we spoke, and N piped up “where’s my drawer?”. Poor thing had been looking for his drawer amongst all the names and pictures, but couldn’t find it as his was still in his usual room.  All the staff nearby who heard it and I simply melted.  So sweet, and lovely that he settles so well without any traumas.

I had to explain that he was in the room for a day visit, but he was quite perturbed that his drawer wasn’t in that room.  He obviously thought he’d moved up to the room for good.

The room leader offered to bring his drawer with him if he comes over again so his things can be put in it, and he seemed fine by that…although as we left he did say “going to preschool room again”.  I’m hoping he’s fine when he returns to his usual room tomorrow, although I can see him marching off to the pre-school room again on arrival.

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    1. Thanks. He is really adaptable which I love about him. He does keep telling his dad ‘been to big school’ which must be his pre-school room. All very cute.

    1. Think it’s helped by having 6 older cousins that he adores. He’s got a long wait before they’ll move him up though – end of January. The only hope would be if even more babies were turning 2 and moving up to his current room and he was ending up too boisterous.

    1. That’s what I’ve aimed for. I think it’s definitely helped that he’s used to being around lots of different people of different ages (helps having big family nearby) since being a newborn. Hopefully he’ll still be like this once he gets to school age.

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