Nursery parent’s morning

We had N’s second parent’s evening morning the other day at nursery.  While we get a daily write up of what he’s been up to in his book, I love going in to find out in more detail how he’s getting on, checking out the photos they’ve taken and working out what we need to help him on next.

This time it was a morning one rather than evening, which meant I had to take N along as the OH was working.  He was quite happy playing with the book and toy I’d taken along for him, as well as being able to play in the empty nursery room.

I got to read through his learning journal, check his progress against the EYFS level he should be hitting, and generally find out how he was getting on.  I haven’t really spoken much to his key worker – bizarrely, I seem to see and chat more to a couple of other girls who work in his room when I drop him off and pick him up, but she seemed to know him and be able to answer my questions which was good.

As I expected he’s hitting all the levels he should be for his age, with his physical side of things being above…why am I not surprised – all he wants to do is run and jump, dance, climb over things, and he’s really into building, reading, good with using cutlery, pouring water in and out of different containers.  Anything that involves moving things or examining, solving puzzles he’s there in giving it a go and has been for a long time.

The one area he’s only just starting to develop is his sense of self – instead of being Mr Nice guy and letting people take toys off him with no fuss, he’s now exerting his authority and standing his ground; showing frustration.  They said this is the next stage so it’s good he’s recognising that things are his and he’s entitled to them.

The best thing was when they said he was one of the only children who always wanted to be involved in the sessions they have run by external companies.  They currently do Yoga Bugs (whenever I’ve watched them on CCTV, N always looks like he’s asleep in it!) and Munchkin Melodies (music and movement), and he loves both, always joining in with the actions and getting in there with the instruments.  It’s great he can follow the instructions and enjoy these sessions; hopefully he’ll continue to take part in and enjoy additional opportunities throughout life.

In December he’ll be starting his settling in sessions for the Ducks room which they go into at 2 years old (they have Hatchlings, Ducklings and Ducks before going into pre-school), so it’ll be all change.  It should be fairly seemless as his closest friend (aka partner in crime!) will already have moved up, and when there’re birthdays they always go up to the other rooms to share cake.

Making the most of an empty trampoline at soft play…usually one of his favourite activities at nursery


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