Messy Play

Last week was a holiday week.  Well, Monday to Thursday was a holiday week.

It’s nearing the end of the holiday year and again as the OH refuses to go away on holiday, I’ve got plenty of time still to take off, so last week was one of those random weeks used.  N also had the time off from nursery as he had more reduced cost ‘holiday’ time available to take, so I thought we’d have a nice week going out and about.

It didn’t turn out like that on the whole as it came upon us faster than I was ready…usually I have time off planned out to the nth degree, but this time we had nothing organised.  I managed to catch up with some other mum and toddler friends which was brilliant as with working across 5 days a week we don’t get to see friends that frequently.  But it was deciding what to do the other couple of days where we ended up mooching (and shopping).

Apart from lots of wanders up to the farm yard, splashing in puddles in his new wellies, and feeding the pigs, we did a lot of messy play and crafting.  (It didn’t end up being particularly messy as N doesn’t seem to enjoy getting fingers stuck in, which means it’s always easy to clear up afterwards).

We did:

1. Not quite salt dough decorations.  I saw these on Pinterest.  First attempt failed as I forgot to click into the actual instructions so failed to read that the cornflour, bicarb and water needed to be on a medium heat to thicken!  But the second attempt was great.  I couldn’t find any of my small craft paints, so N only had gloopy finger paint to use…seemed to work fine though.

Christmas decorations…can you tell the red ones were N’s?

2. Stamping (thankfully I have kept hold of some of my card making supplies so found this car foam stamp, plus some ink pads, I drew the background road, then N stamped…he liked the ‘darr’ stamp alot)

3. Sticking and a kind of Christmas card.  N loves stickers, and is intrigued by glue sticks.  I just wiped a whole lot of glue for him over the card, then he could just rip (although he wasn’t that fussed and wanted me to rip up the bits) and stick the paper scraps.

Stamping cars and ‘sticking’, one of N’s favourite new words

4. Baking.  Not strictly play for N, but he likes standing on the chair in the corner, being blocked in by me, and whisking eggs.  It does get a bit messy as he thinks having a bowl of food and a spoon means he can start scooping it out of the bowl.

Adding lemon juice to Rachel Allen’s ‘surprise lemon pudding’

It does concern me slightly as N seems to think that every pudding is ‘cake’, biscuit is ‘cake’ and obviously cake is ‘cake’.  That’s all he shouts out as soon as main course is finished…apart from ‘gagart’ aka yoghurt.

So we managed to get through quite a lot of creative play, but still have a lot of ideas I want to do with N…time to go and tick off some Pinterest pins as done.

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