happy with the giant dinosaur

Going back in time with Legends inflatable dinosaurs from Prezzybox

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I love really thinking about what I can buy friends and family for birthday and Christmas presents.  Some of you may have seen me asking around recently for gift ideas for my best friend (she’s even commented that she feels that her presents are a bit rubbish compared to the ones I get because I put so much thought into them), and I’ve thankfully found something unique and hopefully exciting again.

But, when you get really stuck, it’s always worth checking out gift websites like Prezzybox to look to.  Prezzybox has gifts for all budgets and for all ages, easily filtered by person, occasion, type of gift and price, making it easy to get ideas and then buy.

I could spend hours looking through Prezzybox for ideas, but recently we were sent what must be one of THE best gifts for young children…or just for anyone who loves dinosaurs.

giant inflatable dinosaurs from Prezzybox

N was straight into the Legends box when it arrived.  These are giant inflatable dinosaurs, over 3ft long or tall.  He decided he wanted the triceratops rather than the tyrannosaurus rex which I was surprised about, but nope, he was sure.  Prezzybox also stock a stegosaurus too.

As well as being a bit of fun, there’s also educational information on the box.  So young children can learn more about the dinosaur in the box.  There was also a large roll out poster of the dinosaur, which would look great on a playroom or bedroom wall.

N’s never really been that excited about dinosaurs, but he’s really loved this one.  As soon as it was out of the box, he was trying to blow it up.

blowing up the inflatable dinosaur

I took over, and with only a few puffs, we had the dinosaur and its ruff inflated and ready for N to play with.

playing with the inflatable dinosaur

Of course, he wanted to take it outside for a ride on his John Deere Gator.   It was a funny view, watching him trying to manhandle a dinosaur that’s almost as big as him out the door.  It was the perfect fit for the trailer part though, so they had a good long ride several times round the garden and off to the farm to show Gran and Gramps.

happy with the giant dinosaur
dinosaur going for a ride
taking the dinosaur for a ride

I was a little concerned when he tried to sit on and ride it like a space hopper, but credit to the makers of the dinosaurs, they’re pretty sturdy, and it didn’t burst, even with his 4 year old weight on it.

So far, it’s been to meet the cows and sheep in the back field, ridden the gator several times, and I spotted N trying to push it down the slide.  Nothing like extreme play for an inflatable!

taking the dinosaur for a ride in front of the cows

I’ve been impressed how well it’s lasted.  We’re a week or so in, and it’s not deflated at all.  It’s definitely worth the £16.95 it costs, and if it gets a puncture, there’s a repair patch included.  The recommended age is 6 years+ although I’m sure over 3s will enjoy it right through to older children.

N keeps asking to have the T Rex inflated as well, but for the time being there’s only so much space we have in the house for giant inflatables!

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  1. Wow what an adventure and looks like a lot of fun with dinosaurs too!!! Great review. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me blog hop. I hope you have enjoyed reading so many fab other blog posts and to see you again tomorrow for another great round of #sharewithme

  2. Aww I would have loved to have this one for my kids too, for sure they would have so much fun with this as they like dinosaurs as well. Great Review! #TriedTested

  3. My daughter and I were looking at your photos earlier and she absolutely want one. She is a dino lover. lol xx

    1. They are brilliant. I’m sure a lot of dino fans would love them. Could you imagine turning a bedroom into a dinosaur lair?! Although N insists that they lived in volcanoes, so maybe not so good.

  4. I love the way the Triceratops is riding in the back of the Gator, just an everyday sort of farm event! Sounds like good value as it is still puncture free and certainly high on the entertainment factor. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  5. Oh that sounds like a lot of fun and glad that it has coped so well with all the rigorous testing that N has put it through! Love the photos of N taking the stegosaurus out for a ride on the trailer and meeting the cows 🙂

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