hand written christmas cards

School days – writing Christmas cards

This week’s School Days was pretty uneventful.  Or maybe it’s just N not really telling me anything that he’s been doing.


Whoop, it’s been another week, another VIP day.  This time, I’m still not quite sure what it was awarded for, but N was happy. He even created a couple of ‘sticker books’ for his VIP stickers!

Funky camel

N seems to be loving the preparations for the Christmas play, and we’ve been treated to quite a few renditions of the Funky Camel song.


N’s writing continues to come on really well.  This week having had no homework other than reading, he turned to writing Christmas cards.  Last year it was painful, taking about 6 weeks to just write his name in the cards. This year, he’s already written 20+ cards and envelopes with only 7 to do.  The only problem is keeping adding more to the list (and putting me to shame, as I’ve not even started writing a list for mine).

hand written christmas cards

His teacher also mentioned to me that he was doing some great writing this week.  And N told me he’d been the first person to finish this week’s ‘big talk’, which is when they write for a set time more sentences of their story than 2 or 3.

Pirate flags

It’s not often that N comes home with artwork, but this week 3 hand-drawn flags came home. It was a little mysterious until he remembered exactly what they were.

Tennis player of the week

Not school related, but at tennis club, N was very proud to win the player of the week trophy. As well as stickers that they all get each week, the player of the week gets to take a trophy home.  N was determined to win the award and he did.  Predominantly I think, by standing nicely near the coach at the start while all the others were excitedly playing around.  Oh, and hopefully for his good forehands.

hitting a tennis ball
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  1. He’s done so well! My son is 9 and I hate the card writing, although, last year he had increased his speed, so it only took a couple of days instead of about a week! #schooldays

  2. Well done to N on winning the tennis player of the week trophy and so glad that he is coming along so well with his writing. That reminds me though, I really need to buy some Christmas cards! Thanks for hosting the #schooldays linky 🙂

    1. Thanks Louise. I seem to have Christmas cards everywhere – I buy them in the sales, but then see new ones the next year I like – so it’s handy I can now palm them off on N!

  3. Sounds like he’s really getting excited about his writing, and when they can see progress then it helps keep the enthusiasm up. I haven’t written my list either, so you’re not alone!

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