archways and lights in Banbury

Project 365 2017 week 32

We’re onto week 32 of this year’s Project 365, a photo a day for a year.  It’s been quieter this week on the photo front. But I’ve got another week off work this week so hopefully will have lots of photo opportunities.

Here’s this week’s photos.

On Sunday we went to Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace. The highlight of N’s day was sitting in a potato harvester.

on the potato harvester

On Monday I popped into town at lunchtime and on the way back to work spotted these archways and lanterns. It always surprises me when I spot something new to photograph. I’ve lived in the area for nearly 25 years but there’s still new things to see.

archways and lights in Banbury

On Tuesday I spotted N’s farm set up in the living room. Since the ‘during the camping trip’ declutter at home, things have stayed tidied downstairs, and N has even been clearing his things up each evening when asked. Amazing.

toy farm set up

On Wednesday I headed somewhere different dancing, to Milton Keynes. It wasn’t that busy, but I still had some gorgeous danes. It’s really unusual to dance with mirrors as well.

dancing in front of mirrors

On Thursday the remaining tree trunk was chopped down.  It’s sad to see the tree go – it was by the farm gate and the swing hung down from it. I presume it had to come down because it’s right near a new small barn that’s being put up. It does mean we’ve got a few logs ready for winter.

logs ready for winter

On Friday I was trying o persuade N to have his photo taken.  I had to let him take photos of me too, so we were taking photos of each others eyes complete with reflections in.

green eyed boy

On Saturday we headed to Stow on the old to get N’s feet measured and buy school shoes.  It was depressing – I don’t want trainer style school shoes, and the limited choice available in his size for proper school shoes only had one pair that really fit him. They’re pretty hideous in my view (I’m the fussy one!), but we had to get them. At lease we gotto see pretty houses like this one.

pretty door in Stow

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  1. I don’t miss school shoe shopping, although I did need to buy new shoes for two of mine… I’d promised the wee girl Twinkle Toes for starting Kindergarten and my eldest appears to have gone up two sizes and is now wearing trainers only a size smaller than his dad…!! Hmm 🙂 Great eye picture, and I love that front door/garden.

  2. The house has a nice small front garden, dead easy to keep.
    Would love to go to the countryfile live show but to far away.
    Great eye picture, and a handy pile of logs come the winter.

  3. ugh school shoes shopping, I have this still to do yet – it will be the last week of the holidays now I expect! considering how much they cost, I always feel that the choices are rubbish too! Love the potato harvester photo – I have to admit that I sat inside one a few years ago while it ploughed a friend of potatoes and it was quite exciting lol x

  4. I’m not keen on trainer style shoes either and avoid them if I can. It seems a shame to have so little choice, but that often seems to be the way with boys’ shoes.

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