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Project 365 2015 – week 22

Onto week 22 of Project 365.  I’ve already shared quite a few photos from this week across social media, so I’ve not chosen the obvious ones here.

Sunday was mostly a day spent at home.  The weather hadn’t been spectacular but that didn’t stop N making a start on the ice pops I’d said he could have.  He seems to be obsessed with them, even foregoing pudding for one of them!  I keep explaining that they’re for when it’s hot weather and he needs cooling down, but he doesn’t seem to be taking that in.

ice pops

Monday was a much better day weatherwise, and perfect for a bank holiday trip out.  I managed to get N into a pair of shorts (last year he loved them, this year he moans and always wants trousers ‘like you, mummy’).  We headed over to Stratford-upon-Avon for a play in the playground and a visit to Mary Arden’s farm.  N had a great time although I’m not sure he was that excited by the older boy who latched onto him at the empty playground until he and his mum left.

playing at the playground in Stratford-upon-Avon

Tuesday we spent the post nursery/work time outside near the farm yard with N climbing fences and the tree.  We were loitering near the spaniel’s kennel so she popped her head out for some attention.

springer spaniel

Wednesday we arrived home from work and nursery to be greeted by the sight of the climbing frame having progressed.  The 2 random planks that someone had put on any old how, have been removed, and it looks like the instructions may have been followed.  It turned out that Gramps and a sister-in-law’s father had been building it.  They’d found the instructions, although it looks like they’ve split the slanted steps which is wrong – they need to be solid so the stepping rocks can be attached.  But the only major bit that needs adding now is the swing arm…oh, and turning it sideways, and moving it to where I was planning to put it.  Otherwise it’s going to be blocking the kitchen window view.

half completed Dunster house climbing frame

Thursday we had a few review deliveries.  One included this radio controlled robot which N was extremely excited about.

radio control robot

Friday I’d taken a day off work to take N to London for the day.  The intention was to do some of the Shaun the sheep trail before it finished, but the weather wasn’t great, so our plans changed and we didn’t see any.  I did take this photo from HMS Belfast.  Not quite the New York skyline but part of London’s version.

London Skyline from HMS Belfast towards the Gherkin

Saturday and I didn’t take many photos at all because it was mainly spent doing chores (me), and going out on the farm (N).  We’ve been having a lot of plain strawberries and cream, but today we had eton mess.  There were more strawberries in this than there looked.

eton mess

Project 365 is now a blog hop, so you’ll be able to check out the other blogs once it goes live here

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  1. Love the picture of the London skyline! I would have loved to take the kids to see Shaun the Sheep over half-term, but we just didn’t have enough time. Eton mess is delicious! I would be very happy if my kids opted for ice pops instead of proper pudding!

  2. i do like the london skyline, i struggle some days finding a photo for various prompts that i haven’t already posted on instagram

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