climbing over the fence
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Don’t stop climbing trees, fences and sofas

I never thought of N as being a climber.

Certainly not when comparing him to his cousins.  Three of the boys, and our niece are all great climbers and always have been.  I will never forget going on a bike ride down to see their mum, and finding the two oldest boys sitting on the top of a (very high) excavator cab.  It always astounded me to see how high up a flimsy looking tree at the farm that the niece can shin to almost the top of.

N does like climbing onto and sitting or lying on the kitchen table.  Mostly it’s because he’s involved in whatever crafts or drawing he’s doing but it drives us mad that he’ll creep onto there.

He’s also started climbing to sit on the back of the sofa and chairs.  I’m not sure why because it can’t be comfortable, but he loves being up higher.

But it seems I do have a climber after all.  This week once day after nursery, N wanted to go and find his dad on the farm. He wasn’t around, but N likes to stand on the fence and ask questions about what he can see.  The next thing I knew he was telling me he could climb over the fence, and had done so.

climbing over the fence


Then it was time for a quick go on the swing.  N’s still not making any effort to try and swing a swing on his own, but our farm swing is a little skew whiff anyway, making it a bit harder.

playing on the swing in the garden at the farm

I thought we’d next be heading back to the house, but no.  Next thing I know, N tells me

‘Daddy puts me in the tree. Can you?’

‘No, he’s stronger than me. If you want to get in the tree, you’ll need to climb it’.


I didn’t really think he would but after he stood at the bottom looking befuddled about how he’d get to the branches, I did suggest using the fence next to it.

That worked, he was up like a shot, and sat there looking pleased with himself.

climbing trees

Until of course, he wanted to get down.  He’d not thought of that, and the route he climbed up by looked impossible for him to get down by.  So I had to rescue him, and hopefully any further episodes climbing trees, will be when someone else is around.

sitting in the tree

I can only imagine the number of bruises on his legs will be increasing in future as he gets more adventurous.

Do you have climbers?

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  1. I do have a climber and it started with trees and stairs and chairs and now we have climbing walls and all the way the the top!
    Its a good way of building confidence and for children to think about risk and how they manage it.
    Thank you for sharing a lovely post.

  2. My son loves to climb! And yes he has got so many bruise on his shin and knees and legs. I am so scared a lot of times watching him climb but I know that this is something that he needs and wants to do. So I just stay on the sideline, near enough to catch him or help him if he fall. #countrykids

  3. N looks like he’s become quite a confident little climber, it’s great that he’s got the confidence to explore nature. All of my lot are tree climbers, if we’re out and about and they spot a good one to climb they’re off in a shot scaling the branches. N seems so pleased with himself for getting up without any help. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

    1. I think he likes to think he is. As long as there’s some encouragement, he’s fine, but he’s only recently really started to clamber on things.

      He still won’t jump from what I think are quite low things, eg the car!

  4. Both of mine are climbers and yes, they are covered in bruises constantly!

    1. I know I always had bruises too (and even now) even though we couldn’t climb trees. I reckon it’s a sign of a good childhood freedom and play.

  5. How funny he’s just decided to start climbing. Nothing like climbing trees for a bit of outdoor fun. He’ll get the knack of coming down again in no time. I think I used the excuse of picking my grandparents’ apples to shin up their tree as a teenager! The youngest seems to have inherited it too – she will climb anything, the favourite being the clothes horse…

    1. I think he’s going through a confidence phase at the moment, he certainly seems a lot more adventurous and more aware of what he can do.

      Clothes horse is an interesting one – bit flimsy?!

    1. Yes, we only really have the one which is worth climbing. There are others on the farm, but either too big and high or not strong enough to hold weight

  6. I have climbers at home! Gosh, he has grown so much. Is that a new haircut? He looks like a real little man now.

    1. He’s grown a little, but I must measure him again because he is looking taller again. Needs a hair cut actually, guess it must have flopped right!

    1. I like that ‘Adventure bruises’. I’m a big believer that they’re a sign of a great childhood with definitely lots of adventures and escapades

  7. My kids are always searching for climbing trees when we go on walks and too often I’m having to rescue one of them too when they can’t – or don’t dare – to get back down.

  8. My youngest is the biggest climber, although the 6yo is quite the fan too 🙂 We haven’t done much tree climbing though 🙂 Love the photo of N in the tree! #countrykids

    1. I think it’s hard to find good trees. N’s always been a bit oblivious to the fact that trees can be climbed. Maybe he’ll enjoy it more

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