Project 365 2015 week 38

It’s another week of Project 365, and this is now the downhill stint into winter.  That means fewer photos taken and fewer to choose from.  Oh, and not forgetting the darker light mucking around with photos.

Onto week 38:

On Sunday my plans for us going out to a ‘zoo’ where they train animals for films and tv were aborted thanks to N refusing to go. So it was a day at home (after a morning bike ride and scoot at the park).  In the afternoon I looked out of the window to see next door’s chicken on the wander into our garden.

close up chicken

Monday was back to school and N got a really croaky voice by the time I picked him up from after school club at nursery.  I suggested a warm honey and lemon drink.  He said it smelt, hence the holding his nose, but did drink it…and then asked for it the next couple of days too.  I think he was lucky because tonsillitis has been going round school, but so far every illness he’s had, he’s had it pretty mildly. Long may that continue.

drinking his special milk

Tuesday, N asked me for a box.  I’d had a delivery come in quite a large one, and then he started cutting.  He wanted to make a television.  Once he’d cut out the bottom of it (with a bit of help from me in the end), he set up my tablet in the hole for the screen and then sat with his head inside the box as well.  It was very creative, although he was a bit upset that the box wasn’t big enough for the whole of him to fit in.

making a cardboard tv

The evenings are drawing in (and mornings I need the light on at 6.45), but I spotted the sky like this on Wednesday.  I think it looks a bit like there’s a big chunk of lightning.

sunset sky over the farm

On Thursday morning N decided to inform me that he has been learning to write his name at school.  So much for not learning anything.  I’m hearing and seeing a lot of children his age who can already do some reading, and others who can write quite a lot off their own back.   But N can’t do anything – not for the want of encouragement and trying through the final year of preschool.  He’s just lazy and not confident, saying he can’t do it, and that he’s got a long name.  Yes, bad mummy giving you a name with 9 letters in it. But he’s now getting there without my help. 3 letters in, although he’d also done a ‘h’ and there’s a second ‘a’.  Hopefully once he gets going he’ll speed up with interest and ability.

practising writing his name

Early morning on Friday I was eating my breakfast and had to listen to and watch N’s noisy makeshift plough.  I’m thinking maybe he’ll end up being into vehicles, engineering or mechanics, or just a job that solves problems.  He still says farmer!

makeshift plough

Saturday was a mooch around day after N’s first swimming lesson back, while N went out on the farm with his dad.  It’s been sheep week.  N’s uncle’s been to 3 sheep markets over the last week, so our field behind the house now has a lot of new sheep in it.  This picture just makes me laugh thinking how stupid sheep really are.  The pick up drives in, and they don’t even wait to see if it’s heading towards the feed troughs.  No, they just head straight over to surround it.  Then stand there for ages.  Who needs a sheepdog?  A pick up would do it.  Lucky because the good collie’s just had pups.


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  1. I’ve been taking less photo’s recently too! It must definitely be a winter thing 🙂 I love the ones you’ve taken though – the chicken one is just fantastic 🙂

    Louise x

  2. Poor soul with the sore throat, honey is quite horrible so don’t blame him.
    They say sheep have a 12 or is it 20 second memory span, well the fact they know the vehicle brings food discounts that else they would forget from one day to another.
    I’m sure by the end of this year at school he will be able to read and write along with the best of them.

  3. bless him holding his nose when taking his medicine, but whatever works, hope he is better soon. We used to keep chickens and they were forever in the neighbours garden. I love a good box, am looking for a large one for a blog post idea

  4. Oooh Pickle loves chickens! He would love to see one in our garden! Tonsillitis going round here too 🙁 Keep well! Kaz x

  5. Glad he has managed to escape with mild illnesses. My daughter has already had a horrible sickness bug and she started school less than 2 weeks ago. x

  6. Such gorgeous pictures and looks like some good family time. I second above hot water, lemon and honey works wonders for sore throats. Apparently marshmallows do too but probably best the kids don’t know about that!

  7. I’m feeling your pain with the darkness mucking around with photos! I’m a wedding/event photographer and I hate it when it’s the day of someone’s event and it’s dark and cloudy! Sounds like a lovely week though, and your photo of the clouds is wonderful!

  8. Looks like you had a lovely week, loving the photo of the sheep! I can definitely relate to taking photos at this time of year especially when its do dull and gloomy! I’m finding it so hard especially when taking photos indoors of products! xx

  9. I’m sorry N was sick with a sore throat. Glad the honey and lemon drink helped him and he’s only had the illness to a mild extent.

  10. Looks like a great week – I love the dramatic sky! I’ve really noticed the nights drawing in this week though, the curtains are having to be closed earlier and earlier…

  11. Colouring in pictures help with writing. My little man is just starting writing too, it takes a while, but he’ll get there. I write in pencil and get the kids to write over it in bright colours. Hope it helps.
    Love the sky picture, it’s stunning.

  12. Shame you didn’t get to visit that animal zoo! It sounds like a really interesting place, I had no idea they existed! Hopefully you’ll get to go another time when N feels like it 🙂


    1. I know. They only open twice a year, so gutted. Although my MIL did say she reckoned it was the former local circus, and obviously it’s not set up to usually open to the public so I’m not sure what it would have been like.

  13. I love the sky picture – I always used to take photos of the clouds when I lived on top of a hill in New Cross a few years back – it always relaxes me (a bit like being by the sea too – the sea AND clouds and that’s it, I’m horizontal!). Lovely pic!

  14. Love the picture with the sheep – they really are daft! Well done to N for his progress. All kids get there in the end and I know teachers prefer kids not to learn to write before school as the teachers usually end up unpicking bad habits!
    Know what you mean about it getting harder to take pictures at this time of year 🙁

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