Six the musical ending stage show

Project 52 2024 week 26

It’s been a busy week, although mostly all activities happening over just 2 days rather than spread out. I’ve got through the 2 super hot days (for me), and we’re back to a more acceptable warm temperature. Here’s my week 26 of Project 52.

Sunday – a relaxing day again. N started making dog treats/biscuits because he thinks he can make a bit of money selling those. Dogs on the farm and next door seemed to like them, but now he needs to find some recipes without eggs as you can’t sell with animal products in otherwise you need to get all the right licences etc.  I used up the overripe strawberries to make ice cream.

Monday – the weather was getting warmer. Not much going on although had a good chat to next door. N was surprised I’d been chatting there for an hour!

Tuesday – an early start heading to Birmingham for a work conference. It was great to see everyone and meet lots of new colleagues. I had to leave early because I was heading back down to Oxford to the theatre to see Six. It was my first time seeing it and I thought it was excellent. Definitely one I’d like to see again, I can understand the hype. Although it was strange feeling like one of the oldest in the audience with all the tweens there, compared with some shows where I’m the youngest by miles (Tubular Bells!). A late night home but lovely to get the cool evening air after the 27C+ heat of the day.

Wednesday – normal work day which was pretty busy. Nipped out at lunchtime to pick up some deli bits for tea. It was nice to have a proper ploughmans type of dinner in the hot weather.

Thursday – another busy work day, largely spent doing some on the job training for a new starter. I quite enjoy doing that type of thing. Maybe I should have been a trainer back earlier in my career. The evening was spent helping N try some different dog biscuits for an order he had. I think he should have doubled the recipe, but hopefully there’s enough for a taster, and he’ll get some feedback on them for future.

Friday – short working day, got quite a few bits done. Finished when I was meant to which was good. N had an inset day so was out on the farm for most of the day. He helped out with the younger tennis group again, dropped some test dog biscuits off with the coach to try with his dog. Then back again later for his own group lesson. They dragged the lobster ball machine out to try. I don’t think we’ve heard them so quiet for a long time.

Saturday – I had a long list of things to sort out in town, including picking up my altered reading glasses, and getting some replacement adidas trainers. Unfortunately I think since I bought my last pair, the soles have got really thin, so I didn’t buy any (the reason I need to replace mine is because my soles are really worn after about 5 years), plus they didn’t have a 6.5 which is the size I really needed. Otherwise quite a relaxing day, and I might even go and sit out in the garden for a bit (really need to get a new garden chair/lounger because camping chairs don’t really cut it).

Six the musical ending stage show

No new posts this week – I’ve just felt inspired to finish the posts I’ve started. I must get motivated again!

Things I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • Work conference seeing everyone
  • Finally seeing Six the Musical
  • Teaching N about keeping accounts.

Things I’m grateful for:

  • That the trains were running efficiently (with air con)
  • My reading glasses fit and aren’t so strong I can’t wear them at all.
  • The temperature has come down to early 20s which is much more reasonable for me.

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  1. Good luck to N with the biscuits. I used to make biscuits for my dog and I didn’t use eggs (I was eating eggs at that time, it was in my pre-vegan days). I wanted the biscuits to be dry and crunchy and a no-eggs recipe worked better. I would suggest grated carrot as my dog loved carrots and the moisture from the carrots helped “gluing” the dough.

    1. Good tips. Our alternate recipe is grated carrot, apple puree and wholemeat flour. I’ve also found some with pumpkin puree too.

  2. That is a good idea of N’s to make dog treats. It sounds like a real money maker.
    I have seen a few people as well have you have seen Six this week! It sounds like an amazing show! x