sunny morning and rays through trees

Project 52 2021 week 5 – sunny morning

Another week of not much going on. Things are still the same although thankfully covid cases locally and nationally are going down. Vaccinations are going up. Hopefully by later in the year we might be back to much more normal living.

So what’s been going on in week 5 of our Project 52.

Sunday was another chilled out weekend day. I did some crafting – some handmade felt hearts. N didn’t fancy having a go. I also caught up with some reading.

On Monday it was back to remote learning and work. N got very excited about them planning another science experiment. To our surprise, their class has the return of 2 brothers who moved away a couple of years ago. It means N’s year and therefore the class is back over capacity again. Oh well, the term it lasted was good. That’s another 2 in school rather than remote learning – 2/3 of the class are in school!

Tuesday was a busy work day. It’s planning fortnight for next year, so lots of meetings. N dug out the OH’s old Scooby Doo fancy dress costume so has been wandering around the house wearing it. It’s a bit oversized but very funny seeing him in it.

On Wednesday N started off remote learning but an hour in was struggling with his throat and not feeling too good. He just couldn’t concentrate and we decided I’d need to ring him in sick. He flaked out most of the day while I worked. My amaryllis bloomed – pretty but strange plant as there’s a 60cm stem with 4 huge flowers out of the top.

N started Thursday school again, but gave up at similar time. It seems weird ringing in to say he’s off sick, when he could just write it in the chat on Teams. I had another busy work day.

Friday N was a bit better, but his tonsils were up again. We do have some antibiotics he didn’t use from last time, but he said he got tummy ache from them, so has refused to take it. So just dosing up o Difflum spray and I’ve ordered some kids echinacea in hope that in future that will help ease the sore throat. N decided he was bored by mid afternoon and wanted to do some baking. So he looked up cookies online and made them all on his own. Well except for me cutting up the butter and chocolate. They were very well received at breaktime at the farm.

On Saturday, N was feeling much better. Still being careful what he was eating as it still hurts, but well enough to go out on the farm for a couple of hours. I did a lot of reading, watched a film and kids tv series with N, and a few house chores. It was a nice relaxing day. It’s just a shame the weekends seem to go by so fast.

sunny morning and rays through trees

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  1. Sorry to hear N wasn’t well, does seem a bit weird phoning him in sick from home for distance learning, but I get why. Numbers of kids in our local school are quite low, not much increase in traffic

  2. I agree weekends do go too fast don’t they. Gosh that seems like a lot of children still in school. It’s a tough one, my husband is a keyworker but I can work from home so the kids stay at home with me. But we know other parents where one is a keyworker and the other isn’t and they still send them.

  3. Sorry to hear that N is struggling with his tonsils again, it really does sound like he needs them out. I have promised to do some baking this week

  4. Oh, that’s not good news about the size of the class increasing. Sorry to hear about the tonsils too. I suppose they want an adult to call, so that they know for sure it’s not the child who writes to skip school. Well done to N for baking cookies!
    Very beautiful landscape, eerie and evocative.

  5. Wow that’s a large number that are still in school! I am not sure how many we have here but I think it is only a handful. Sorry to hear he’s not been well again. Poor thing must be really fed up with it by now. I am loving our lazy weekends. I do think they should be a bit longer.

  6. Sorry that N was feeling ill. Hopefully, it has passed now. It is strange with so many kids being in school this time. But I think last time everyone was forced to stop. Your job sounds like it can be as busy as mine. Downtime at the weekends is really needed. It will be a shock when we can go out and about ab bit more #365

  7. Sorry to hear that N was unwell with his tonsils again. I can imagine it does feel weird to phone in sick when you could write it in the chat. Glad that N was feeling better by the end of the week. Hope he is recovered again now. #project365

  8. The eldest’s school sent out a letter saying that they are getting more requests for kids to go into school and to seriously think about if the kids do actually need to be in school – there is a lot more in school this time round.

    Sorry to hear that N was suffering with his tonsils again.

  9. It does seem that we’re heading towards a more normal life with cases going down and more vaccines being given out.
    Oh gosh, that does sound like a lot of kids at your son’s school. Last I heard there was about 30 out of 600 at my girls school.
    Poor N. He really does suffer with his tonsils. I am glad he’s feeling a little better now.
    What a pretty scene. x

    1. Yes, given the school is under 100 students, just his class of 2 year groups is 20% of the school. I’m presuming most come under the new wider vulnerable criteria as I don’t think that many were in in first lockdown.

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