wasgij original ballroom blushes.

Wasgij Original 17 Ballroom Blushes puzzle solution

Given my love of dancing, it’s unsurprising I’m always on the lookout for dancing themed jigsaw puzzles. Wasgij Original 17 Ballroom Blushes, was the second dancing Wasgij I completed. (it’s reminded me I really must get back to blogging on my dance blog, What about Dance).

I find it’s always easier once you’ve done a few Wasgij puzzles in a row, and the more you do, the faster you get. I never look at any Wasgij puzzle images as I’m making them, and even non Wasgij puzzles, sometimes I’ll do those without checking the box image. It’s nice to have a bit more of a challenge.

wasgij original ballroom blushes.

The Ballroom Blushes puzzle is one of the original range, so you find the solution by thinking what one of the characters on the box is looking at – what their view is. There are a few clues on the box to get you started if you don’t want the solution straight away.

There’s some great characters as usual in this puzzle, and it’s not too hard to work out the colour pieces that fit together. I stick with my method of edges, then sort by about 5-6 colours, and characters / floor / building. Even the floor in this wasn’t too painful and I’m not usually a fan of too much floor or sky – single colours.
If you want to give it a go, the Ballroom Blushes solution is below.

If you’re just starting out on your Wasgij journey, and want to be able to complete Wasgij puzzles, check out my step by step Wasgij guide to completing them.

Wasgij ballroom blushes.
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