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Launch of activity led Dino Supersaurus range

I’ve been a long time in getting round to reviewing the February book buddy parcel from Parragon Books, as it’s a bit far removed from what we would usually be reading or using.  The latest month was all about an introduction to their new activity Dino Supersaurus range.

dinosaurus activity books

We received 2 books, not picture books, but activity books all focused on Dinosaurs.  Now, you would think that a 3 year old would be quite excited about dinosaurs, but N obviously isn’t like most 3 year olds.  We do own a few dinosaur based books, but they’re not ones he’d usually choose for himself from his book case.  I don’t think N’s grasped the concept of activity books yet either.  He likes stickers, but putting them in specific places and dot to dots or colouring in….way down his agenda.

I noticed the books were aimed at age 6-12 years old, so it makes sense that N’s not interested.  But what are the books like from my point of view?

The first book is a 2000 Stickersaurus book. and has pages to colour in, mazes, clue games and is in a cartoon comic style.  The second is a smaller activity book called Doodlesaurus, again with pages of stickers, plus two dinosaur erasers.  What I notice when I flick through is how many stickers there are in both books – great for sticking in the book or elsewhere.

dinosaur stickers

I think if you’ve got children who a) love dinosaurs and b) love stickers, or at least are able to stay seated for long enough to concentrate on doing an activity, then these books are great.  With the comic nature of them, they’re definitely better for slightly older children.  One thing that’s really good is that although they could be perceived as a boyish book, in fact there’s no mention of them being for boys.  They’re a neutral book, which means that girls shouldn’t get turned off from them because they say they’re for ‘boys’.

The new range comprises books focused on stickers, colouring and doodles and is available from Amazon, WHSmith, Sainsbury’s amongst others, with prices ranging from £3.99 to £14.99.


Disclosure: We received this Dino Supersaurus pack from Parragon Books as part of their book buddy scheme.  You can keep up to date with new book launches over at twitter

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  1. We received books from this range such a great set which my girls loved x #TriedTested x

    1. Great to hear some girls loving dinosaurs and not just the boys. Definitely a real mix of activities suitable for all. Thanks for commenting

    1. Thanks. Definitely a lot of dinosaur lovers around…I’m a tad concerned that N’s not interested although I guess he’s a bit young. He prefers farm animals.

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