Rimmer pound shop eye make up

Pound shop cosmetic bargains

I have to admit that I don’t tend to wear much make up, although I do wear it every day.  Even when I was on maternity leave, even on non-working days, I still wear foundation, concealer and powder.

I used to add mascara every day until a year ago, but after a lot of problems with styes, chalzaeons and conjunctivitis which I’d never suffered from before, I don’t tend to wear it unless it’s an occasion or I’ve an important meeting at work.  And when I used to dance lots, the more eye make up, the better it stayed on through the dancing, so I had a variety of shadows and eye liners.

Whenever I’m in pound shops I always check out what cosmetic bargains there are to be had.  And recently I’ve had some good bargains.  There’s no point buying expensive eye shadows when I use them infrequently, but it’s nice to be able to clear out the old, and try some new colours.

I’ve been picking up nail polishes in bright colours for both a bit of crafting (post to come on that another time), and in readiness for summer.  There’s been lots of Astor twin packs available – eye shadow and nail polish, and I’ve also had some Maybelline polishes.

But eye shadow wise I’ve been really pleased with finding some Rimmel ones, as well as CK.

Rimmer pound shop eye make up

It’s my belief that every make up bag needs a silver shadow, so am looking forward to using this Calvin Klein one (looking online, they go for around a fiver).

The trio is Rimmel Traffic Stopping Shadow, a great mix of earthy tones with a glimmer in them.  Superdrug have them currently at £4.99 down £2.

The third one is Rimmel Glam Eyes HD.  I love these mix ones of Rimmel as I can pick and choose or mix as required.

Yes, you might get last season’s colours, but if you want a bit of a change, are updating a make up bag, or wanting to experiment, then it’s worth checking out your local poundshops for what make up they have in.

What bargains have you had from discounter shops?

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  1. I love the pound shops, they’re great for crafts supplies. Looks like you got some good bargains there. Thanks for joining in with #ThriftyThursday 🙂

    1. Agree on craft supplies. I always have a look there for Easter and Christmas crafts. For kids there’s always some good colouring things, and we’ve had ok books as well.

  2. I regularly buy Rimmel in Poundland and often find a different brand bargain in there too! x

    1. It’s definitely somewhere I’ll try and check out regularly, if I’m after something new rather than my regular items. Can’t beat the price

  3. Sounds fab, apart from mascara which is my ‘I won’t leave the house without’ item, I barely wear makeup these days. I got some great Pirate themed items for Monkey’s birthday party from the 99p store and his halo (a Christmas wreath) and wings (a Christmas Tree decoration) for his Angel Nativity costume in Poundland

    1. That’s what I always thought about mascara – I do feel a bit naked without it. Now my eye has cleared up, it’s probably time to get organised and start wearing it again as it really does make an impact
      Love poundshops for dressing up stuff and crafty items at seasonal times. can’t beat them

  4. I love bargain shops! I got gluten free cereal on Friday for £0.59 per bag in Home Bargains, can’t beat that, can you? #BlogClub

    1. Wow, that is a bargain. That’s it – obviously why you get such a mix of people in the discount shops because everyone realises there are bargains to be had if you look closely.

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