purple and blue colour blocking

Trendy Thursday (ahem) – colour brights

I only remembered the other day, that I had a great outfit of N’s I wanted to share.  Hence why we’re a bit late joining up with Trendy Thursday.

The other day we headed out to Hatton Adventure Farm.  It was a lovely warm day, and N was in serious brights.  Usually his clothes are quite muted – either top of bottom being dark or neutral colours, with the other half being a bit brighter.  There’s a lot of navy and blues (as in mine and the OH’s wardrobe as well), so it’s not surprising N’s basics follows suit.

purple and blue colour blocking

I do love him in bright clothes, and so far he’s not turned his nose up at any clothes I’ve bought for him.  If he’s with me when I’m shopping, I do now show him what I’m thinking and give him some options.

Chinos – Tu at Sainsbury’s
T shirts – Tu at Sainsbury’s
Orange wristband – Beach safety wristband that N calls his watch
Pumps – Startrite

Are your children still rocking the summery clothes?

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  1. What fab colours and great way to embrace the late summer we are having. The colours really suit N. Thank you for sharing. #TT_Thursday x

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