Max Factor savvy circle test

Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 foundation review

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I arrived home from town to find a lovely big box from Savvy Circle.  It’s an off shoot of SuperSavvyMe, which is a must if you want to get hold of the best coupons/deals, and the first campaign I’m a part of is for Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 foundation.  Obviously it’s not baby oriented, but does fit in with my previous post. And I got to try out a foundation that years later, I’m still using (although it’s a slightly different formulation disappointingly).

Max Factor savvy circle test

If you’re looking for good but even coverage, then Max Factor is classic timeless make up that does its job. I always find my make up has sweated off by lunchtime, but with Max Factor it’s more likely to stay put if I’m just going about my regular day.

This Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 foundation is a serum and foundation combined and is spf15, which is brilliant as my normal foundation isn’t, I’ve not liked using serum on its own before because it’s felt a bit greasy, so having it in with the foundation is better.. Hopefully the serum will help prevent too many fine lines appearing now I’m rapidly approaching middle age.  

In a pump action bottle you don’t need much for full coverage. I use concealer too, but this isn’t too thick or to thin so is easily put on and blended without leaving thicker marks around the side of the face. Being a liquid foundation it goes on really smoothly, and despite the serum, it feels really light on the face.

I use the natural colour and it suits really well blending in. I use my fingers usually, but a make up sponge works well too. I like having the spf (although it won’t do a massive amount of good with the small amount put on my face), too.

10 years later I’m still using the updated version of this Max factor foundation*, and I don’t have many lines. So maybe having the serum included is doing some good.

Have you tried this Max Factor foundation?

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