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Project 365: photo a day week 11

Whoa, week 11 already.  It’s scary how quickly time moves on although I should really expect that.  This week’s been a lot about the improving weather, getting out a lot more.  That’s pretty lucky as my lent promise to give up chocolate and cake has failed abismally through work offerings.  Maybe getting out and about will help offset that.

project 365 photo

  • Gorgeous day and we decided to take the bike to the park in town. N had a great time riding round, playing on the equipment and just generally being outside again for a decent amount of time.
  • I got a call from nursery saying they’d seen N had headlice.  Lovely.  Luckily I’d already got in some treatment just in case, so the evening had him being treated.  Not a happy occasion as he hates the shower, so washing it out afterwards was interesting to say the least!
  • I try and go for a walk most lunchtimes, and in keeping with our work on resource management, obviously I take a bag with me for any purchases.  Shame it clashes totally with my mac, but it is nice to be in brighter colours.
  • N’s really starting to get a bit better using my tablet. It’s obviously more easy to use than the phone.  Now I just have to find some good educational apps. He likes to use it while he’s in bed with me in the morning before we get up.
  • We had a couple of days that were really misty in the morning.  It did disperse later, but is definitely feeling more like Spring
  • Friday saw a gorgeous day again, and after picking N up from nursery we went to our local village park.  It’s a lovely park (I’m sure they’ve put more equipment in than the last time we went.  N loves shutting and opening gates (at nursery or whenever the opportunity arises), so he had to close up the toddler area once we were ready to go.
  • We topped and tailed the week in the same park in town.  They have a small aviary which N’s never that interested in, but I think the birds remind me of the film Rio…which I’ve seen the first half 5 times or more, but never seen the rest as N always wants to watch it from scratch!

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  1. Some more lovely sunny shots – hasn’t the weather been gorgeous this week?

    What kind of tablet is it? I may be able to give you some app recommendations 🙂

    1. It’s been great weather once the mist lifted. And this weekend’s been like summer

      Its a Samsung tab 3 so android. I’ve spotted a few reviews and recommendations just need to get them downloaded, but any recs welcome

    1. We’re definitely loving the weather. It really helps at work now as home time seems to come quicker when it’s still light on leaving.

    1. I think the birds are great too. Such lovely colours – although they’re a bit miserable and never want to pose for the camera!

  2. Sounds like you’ve had a good week (apart from the head lice!). Makes such a different to be able to go outdoors doesn’t it. I’m hopeful this is now Spring and we’ll then have an awesome Summer!

    1. Hear hear. Last year’s summer was pretty good, so would be nice to have similar again (although my OH would moan because they need some rain at the right times for crops)

    1. Thanks. Last season Debenhams. Nice to have something a bit different (although does prove problematic when choosing what scarf to wear as all patterns clash!

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