Vintage Cosmetic Company 12 days Advent Calendar giveaway

I’m not big on fashion and beauty but sometimes I come across a brand that makes me feel happy and warm inside.  When the Vintage Cosmetic Company introduced their products to me, it made me smile. Who wouldn’t want to feel elegant and hark back to the 1950s while using good quality beauty accessories.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company is a British brand offering a range of high quality beauty accessories with a pretty, feminine design. The brand has seen strong growth over the last couple of years, perfect for the current trend and love of anything vintage.  I was really impressed with the choice of products available on the website.


I’d been sent a lovely make up brush set – my older ones weren’t the best and having tips on how to contour using the dfferent brushes on the reverse of the box.  The packaging is so pretty, perfect for a gift, or just a treat for yourself. I’m going to enjoy using these.

I’ve also spotted some perfect gifts that I wouldn’t mind receiving myself – a new paddle brush and a really cute cosmetic bag. Maybe I need to drop some hints to the OH and N.


We’re approaching Christmas, and the Vintage Cosmetic Company have provided me one of their 12 days of advent calendars.  These have 12 full size, specially selected beauty tools and accessories including brushes, tweezers, hair rollers and more. If beauty isn’t your thing, why not enter for a friend.  Just let me know in the comments what era of beauty and fashion you love and why, then complete the rafflecopter widget.  (If you don’t have a website, please leave the url box blank). While we hope the winner will receive their prize in time for the second part of advent, this cannot be guaranteed.

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Terms and conditions

  1. UK entry only, over 16s
  2. Giveaway closes 11.59pm 4th Dec 2016
  3. Entries will be validated according to the rules of entry
  4. There is 1 prize of a 12 days advent calendar from Vintage Cosmetic Company. In the case of no stock being available, an alternative prize may be offered.
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  6. Winner will be randomly chosen, and will be shown on this post, and may be shared on social media.
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Disclosure: I was gifted a set of brushes, and provided with an advent calendar to giveaway. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. The 1950’s. I think my shape would suit those fashions. I’d be rocking the red lips and hopefully someone would teach me how to jive.

  2. I would have liked to have lived in the 1940s. The styles at the time were great at complimenting a women’s figure.

  3. I love the style of the 60s, I remember the fantastic outfits and hairdos of my mother and all her friends who I thought were so glamorous

  4. I’m going back a bit further in history and choosing the 1810s as I just love the flowing lines of the Regency period Empire line dresses and who doesn’t love a man in a pair of breeches and a cravat?

  5. The 1950s fashion and make up were pretty and very feminine. I love looking at photos and seeing how well dressed they looked, even when staying in.

  6. I liked the ornate dresses from Elizabethan times but the 1950’s also had pretty (and more comfy) dresses.

  7. Definitely the 1920’s. I just loved the style of clothing and jewellery.
    I really enjoy reading your blogs.
    Keep up the great work!

  8. 1980s definitely. I was born in the eighties but never got to live the 80s . Love everything from fashion to make to the music

  9. I love the 1950’s the fact the women always got dressed hair and make up and the men made an effort with suits and always looked smart!

  10. 1950’s is my dream fashion decade. The style, the grace and celebrating a woman’s curves. Perfect

  11. I love he style of the 1950’s with gorgeous dresses, unique hairstyles with bold fringes, and strong makeup with bright red lipstick

  12. The 1960s! I love the patterns and the fashion and nothing beats a beehive hair! So stylish!

  13. I adore the 20s … when women first came in to their own …I loved the bobs and mary jane shoes x

  14. The 1920s, as everything from the hair, makeup and clothes were wonderful. So feminine and yet so flattering. I think life would have been less stressful then too

  15. I would have loved the 60’s. Such a mix of styles. The continuation of the 50’s. minis, hippy etc

  16. The 1950’s with the beautiful and elegant dresses .I think the 1950’s must have been an exciting time

  17. I would love to live in the Victorian Era, just to experience the amazing clothing that woman of Upper class wore. The corsets, full skirts and elaborate hairstyles.

  18. I really love 90s style at the minute (brown lipstick and space buns what’s not to love?!) But I lived through that so… 1970s I love wearing my mums old clothes from the 70s so funky!

  19. I think the 60’s were wild and there was such a lot of change then. Would have been a fun time with the clothes and make up.

  20. The 40’s. Love the hair and smart suits and lipstick.. War was on and it was considered a woman’s duty to look her best.!

  21. The 20s, I recently watched fantastic beasts and fell in love with everything about it, esp the fashion for the time period 🙂

  22. I love the feminity of the 70s. The Hugh waisted jeans were class. Bet they were uncomfortable though!

  23. i think i would have to say the sixties and maybe early seventies, i wasnt born untill 1978 but i like the flower power designs and the flare trousers.

  24. Fashion wise definitely 50’s as it suits me best maybe mixed in with a little 1920’s makeup

  25. In the Victorian days as the ladies dresses were elegant and beautifull and their make up always seem to look flawless

  26. I am obsessed with the seventies just now! I love the colours, the textures and the size of the collars! No other decade has had collars like the seventies!

  27. I think for me it would be a crossover from the late 50’s into the early 60’s where I love both the fashion and make up of that time. x

  28. o0o00o that’s a tricky one. I’d have to go with the 80’s as I’m a bit of a punk at heart x

  29. I would have loved to have lived in the Victorian era, all the amazing dresses, the Bussels and the corsets!

  30. The 50/60s. I remember my mum and grandma looking well made up and lovely. To much choice and competition now

  31. The 50’s were so fun and glamourous at the same time.
    From the swing dresses to the Chanel box jackets. What a fabulous era!

  32. Oh 80’s as I was a child in this era but loved the fashion so much, I remember my mum looking so glam and I look back now at the photos and love them

  33. It has to be the roaring twenties, the ultimate glamour decade with pearls, daringly short dresses & of course cocktails came in to fashion! If you’re a fan, like me, there’s a great book called Twenties girl by Sophie Kinsella that you must read!

  34. The 1950’s! I love Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe and their style. I love the flawless and simplistic look. Also i like the reds, purple reds and orange reds used in the makeup. My favourite style in clothing and makeup is vintage too!

  35. I would loved the era of the 1950’s because it was so glamorous but i also love the 1960’s because women really started to show off there personalities by there clothes in that era.

  36. The 60’s big, bright, and bold colours and patterns as colour really lifts the spirits of people

  37. The late 50’s early 60’s with full circle skirts, hooped bouffant petticoats, Nylons that snagged on your petticoat, winkle picker shoes and stillettos

  38. The 1950’s i love the make up,dresses and hair styles x Thank you for a wonderful competition x

  39. I was a teenager in the 60’s and I don’t think you can beet that era. lovely time, clothes, music and freedom. x

  40. the 1960s definitely as that’s when my mum was born and she has passed down many of her old clothes to me now that they have become fashionable again and I love that decade for their make do and mend attitude instead of constantly buying new clothes

  41. It would have to be the 50’s, all the hollywood glamour, gorgeous dresses and stunning make up

  42. I think the sixties a time of change and fashion for young people to makje the most of themselveslves

  43. I love the 50s. So feminine. But really I am pleased to be now, as it means I can draw on any era to play with.

  44. I was born in the fifties and have never envied the fashions of the decades that came before then, so I have lived through the best!

  45. The 60’s was kind of crazy, so I’m going to say that I loved the short dresses and long boots

  46. I would love to have lived in the Victorian ages as they spent so much time with their dresses and hair etc Looked like fun 🙂

  47. 1980’s … bright colours, big hair, lots of ribbons and accessories ….. anything goes x

  48. Definitely the 60s! Love the eye make up and fashion at the time! Sadly I can never seem to recreate that look at home!

  49. I would love to relive the 80s the colours, catsuits,puff skirts,curly hair and flicked fringes.

  50. i love the 1920s style i would love a advent callender i buy for my children but never have one for me

  51. the 1960s because the fashiosn were very stylish and classy, as I like to think I am now.

  52. 1950s with a totally Marilyn Monroe look. Platinum blonde hair and red lips with skin tight dresses.

  53. The 20s. It must have been quite exciting as hair, fashion and beauty was all changing and becoming more glamorous and less constricted. Women were beginning to have fun with their style.

  54. 60s – with everything long and flowing, including hair. It was a lovely era, I nearly made it, but I was too young to join in.

  55. I like the look of the 20’s, beautiful dresses and accessories and women looked very elegant.

  56. The 1920s – as well as the stunning clothes and hairstyles, I’d have loved dancing the Charleston!

  57. The 40’s, I love the way the effort the women made even though they didn’t have much available due to the war.

  58. I’d have loved to have been a bit older in the 80s fashion then was so fun and individual.

  59. For fashion I would go with Renaissance period, such beautiful gowns and materials. As for beauty, it would probably be a much later period like the 50s or 60s!

  60. The 1950s. My mother was born in 1935 and grew up in the war years and rationing and she has told me so many stories about how everything changed in the early fifties after rationing finished and she could buy the fabulous rockabilly and lindybop frocks and go dancing. Era of rock and roll and she loved it. Happy memories.

  61. The 60,s………….so adventurous and loving the flower power daisies in hair fresh faced looks x

  62. 40s times were hard and major war, but the women were always impeccable and the music was so spirit lifting

  63. The Edwardian era because I love the style. The dresses, shoes and hats were gorgeous and women always made an effort.

  64. I think the 60s would have been fun, with all the mini skirts and interesting colors. x 🙂

  65. I love the Twenties looks but you can’t do a flapper look with a big bust so I’m going to say my favourite is the Thirties when the hourglass returned and there were lots of long flowing evening gowns, finger waves, porcelain skin and very bold red lipsticks.

  66. I like the victorian times. All men wearing suits or at least a shirt and pants ladies had those huge but beautifully crafted dresses. I know the era wasn’t cracking in many ways but the clothes were nice

  67. Definitely the 1920’s- the beautiful shiny bobs and sequined flapper dresses totally appeal!, long cigarette holders (very non PC!!!!), and long gloves!! Love all of the novels based around this era too!

  68. The 1920’s,I just love their dresses and hairstyles,I can see myself doing the Charleston!

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