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Project 366 2016 week 47

We’ve not quite made it to Christmas territory here, but next week it’s going to be full on Christmas as we start going to events and displays.  But onto Project 366 for week 47.

On Sunday I met up with 2 Oxfordshire blogger friends for lunch in Oxford.  The little bit of shopping we did wasn’t that successful, but it was a lovely meal in Ask and was great to catch up with Kate and Mary.  Hopefully in the new year we’ll get organised and arrange some more get togethers for local bloggers.

ask pasta carbonara

From Monday it was all about Christmas cards for N. He didn’t have any homework this week other than learning Christmas play songs and reading, so he decided that Christmas cards should be written.  20+ written this week and only 12 to go.  From a painful 8 weeks it took last year just to get him to just write his name in cards, to this year him writing everything including the envelopes. It’s amazing how quickly they can progress and start to enjoy writing.

hand written christmas cards

On Tuesday, I snapped this bright bush on the walk from the car to work. I did have to stick my phone over the fence to get closer to it, thankfully no-one was around to see it.

colours of autumn bushes

On Wednesday it was dance freestyle night in Oxford. We get to dance in the town hall which is gorgeous, and it’s where a lot of my favourite dancers go, so I get lots of great dances.  I’ve had to buy  a new dance bag, but struggled on the high street.  Online shopping meant I ended up with a bag which wasn’t quite as big as I’d hoped.  I think I’ll have to look out for a slightly bigger one.

new dancing bag and contents

On Thursday I bought these earrings for a black tie birthday party we’re going to. I love the rose gold colour, held them up to my ears and decided they would look good.  But then get them home and realise that they go into the ears and sit sideways rather than front to back. Sigh.  And I can’t return them because they’re for pierced ears.  They’re very odd, look silly and cost a lot more than I expected (note to self, always check the detail of the style and cost before buying and getting earrings home).

Fiorelli earrings

On Friday, it was back to tennis again.  N was so chuffed to win player of the week and get the trophy to bring home.  He did some great forehands, although his backhands need a bit of work….and connecting.

hitting a tennis ball

On Saturday, N and I nipped into town for a few bits and pieces.  And of course we had to stop for ‘coffee’.  I treated myself to a mammoth praline hot chocolate….N’s face is because he wanted to try some too.

praline caffe nero hot chocolate
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  1. i’m also puzzled as to how those earrings work, but i know what you mean in one way or another. Well done to N writing his own xmas cards this year

  2. I can’t imagine how those earrings work! That hot chocolate looks amazing. Really must get Monkey started on writing his cards to his friends, he’s only done one to Granny and Gramps so far, and that’s only because I airmail them everything really early. It was lovely catching up with you and Kate, thanks again for picking me up #project366

  3. How annoying about the earrings! Well done to N for winning player of the week at tennis – and for doing so well at writing his Christmas cards! I guess I’d better buy some for my daughter. Boys seem to give up writing them once they get to secondary school!

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