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Fun with Staccups and 5 second rule games review

If the new Staccups game doesn’t win numerous toy or game awards I’ll eat my hat (or I would if I wore one).  When I was introduced to some of the new games from University Games at Blog on Xmas, I didn’t expect to get hooked on one.  But Staccups can do that to you even if you’re not a particular fan of board games.  Following the Blog on conference, I was sent 5 Second Rule and Staccups game to review.

5 second rule and staccups game

Staccups game

Staccups is a simple idea.  Coloured cups have different colour tops.  Players have the same number of cups each (2-4 players – although you can play against a timer alone if you get hooked), and have to stack the cups matching the base colour to the previous top colour. With 2 stacks, players have to beat their opponents to clear their cups.  The better you get the faster you get.  It’s a bit like that word colour game where you have to say the colour of the words and not what is written.

staccups game

N and I are both quite logical thinkers, and I’m competitive. I like to beat myself and of course want to beat others too.  So I’ve been practising.

Top tip –> put your stacks of cups in the same order each time then you get used to which colour is where.

N is getting quicker too, although he does suffer by only focussing on one stack rather than going across both.  He’s also a one handed player, while I’m able to see across both stacks easily and use both hands.  I find it interesting to see how we improve and how the mind obviously works to practice and improve.

playing staccups close up

We’ve been playing the game each day, fitting it in as a breather after homework time. It doesn’t take up much space so we can just stack it neatly out of the way when it’s not being used.   N wants to take it in to morning club to play it with the other kids, but I’m not letting it go anywhere!  Although I can see it being a popular new year day game when games can get quite competitive (especially if any of the adults have been drinking!).

You can buy your own Staccups game from the usual toy shops for around £20.

5 second rule

If you’ve ever hear Radio 2’s Pop Master quiz you’ll know the 3 in 10 (3 answers in 10 seconds) game.  5 Second Rule is similar in that you have to say 3 items that fit the topic given but in only 5 seconds.  It’s fast and furious, and 5 seconds is never as long as you think it is.

I have the standard 5 Second Rule game (there’s also a Junior version – if you had both, you could combine the questions to play across the family).  In the box there’s a box of double sided cards, additional set of cards, the playing board, and a spiral timer.

If a person doesn’t get their 3 answers in 5 seconds, it gets passed to the next person who can’t repeat any of the correct answers, until someone gets 3 right in the time (or it gets back to the starting person).  If you get it right you move.

The cards are double sided so there’s plenty of topics, which range from 3 items in the bathroom, to name 3 Michaels.  There’s something for everyone, and it’s not always as easy as you think.  I’m looking forward to playing this at Christmas if I can persuade anyone else to give it a go.  It’s a simple premise, but one that could get irritatingly hard, the more you play it with those tip of the tongue moments.

I like that there’s an extra set of cards to avoid getting through them too quickly, and anyone can play – you might need to give younger children a longer time to answer – or maybe ask them to give only 1 answer.  The timer also has a bit of a noise going on, which helps hear it and prevent arguments over starting or ending times.  Can you tell I’m competitive?!

5 Second Rule is also available from most toy shops for under £19.99.

Do either of these appeal to you?  What are your favourite games?


Disclosure: We were sent the games for the purpose of review. All words are our own

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