Wasgij mystery 16 birthday surprise

Wasgij Mystery 16 birthday surprise puzzle solution

Another day another Wasgij puzzle and the latest one was all about about birthday fun. I’ve just finished the Wasgij Mystery 16 – Birthday Surprise.

The theme of the mystery range of Wasgij puzzles is to work out what happens next. On the box it shows a birthday celebration party with the cake being brought out. But what chaos happens next?

There’s a lot of wall, curtain and tiles in this puzzle. But with lots of bright colours and obviously items, it doesn’t make the puzzle too hard or laborious to do. I finished it quite quickly, and it was easy to work out the banner, presents, cake and signs which helped the start point. From there, the people were next on the list.

When doing these puzzles I sort all the pieces by colour. I used to start piecing together directly on my board, but now tend to put together the smaller obviously images on my separate portapuzzle flat boards before transferring them where I think they’ll go on inside the completed puzzle outside. This means I don’t get totally squashed and run out of room, then unable to move pieces around so easily.

Like all Wasgij jigsaw puzzles there’s the comedy element in the final completed image and there’s always something new to spot. They remind me a bit of saucy seaside postcards with the larger than life characters. In this one, there’s plenty of amusing faces from people and animals.

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If you want to find the Wasgij Mystery 16 – birthday surprise solution, then look below. I’ve also included my Youtube which gets up a bit closer.

Wasgij mystery 16 birthday surprise

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You can buy the birthday surprise puzzle from shops like WHSmiths, Hobbycraft and sometimes The Works on the high street, or online.

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