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Since Christmas we’ve not managed to get out and about much, but we’ve certainly been watching a lot of films on tv and dvd.  I was recently sent a copy of The Little Penguin: Pororo’s Racking Adventure DVD for review, which N soon wanted out of the wrapping to watch.

Pororos racing adventure dvd

I was quite surprised at his eagerness to watch the film because he’s not usually one for animated films, he prefers more real life or characters he knows from books.   Needless to say, 20 minutes in he’d given up and wanted something else on.  No staying power my son.  It’ll probably take him 3 or 4 attempts to see the whole film and give his verdict.

Pororo’s Racing Adventure is a sweet film perfect for family viewing, especially younger children.  The Little Penguin Pororo dreams of becoming a Super Sled champion  and takes part in the race with his friends.  But before then, he manages to cause an aeroplane to have an emergency landing, meaning Pororo ends up hitching a lift with some turtles to the championship. Of course there’s the obligatory competition against the current champions and there’s a myriad of animals playing the different roles.

The part of the film we watched was bright and breezy, with some interesting character personalities to keep children interested (well, maybe not mine!).  At 75 minutes, it’s not too long for fidgety young children , so good for a family move evening if you’re a family who like to watch films together.

The film is voiced by stars including Rob Schneider, Drake Bell Lovato, Jon Heder and Anthony Anderson, and it’s available from 15th February on dvd and digital download.

If you’d like to win your own copy of the film, just answer the question in the comments and then complete the rafflecopter.  If you’re not a blogger, please leave the url box blank.

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  1. Jessica Powell

    My favourite winter activity is doing all the christmassy things in the build up to the day. I love to cut out paper snow flakes with my younger brother and sister, make paper chains, bake cakes etc because it gives you the best feeling inside, anticipation and excitement. I will never grow out of this childish delight.

  2. Charmian Filewood

    Snowball fight, as its a great laugh and a mini workout at the same time!

  3. Lisa Mauchline

    Going for walks to splash in the puddles or staying inside and playing games

  4. Rachel Butterworth

    Ice skating. I love gliding around on the ice.

  5. Michelle Corbett

    Making pictures with the nature around you..I’ve framed a few. #memories

  6. Emma Rawlinson

    I love putting my wellies on and going for a walk in the park

  7. linda curtis

    walking around Hampstead its as lovely in the winter as it is summer and always fab for a snowball fight and sledging when its snowed

  8. Victoria Prince

    My favourite winter activity is building snowmen because we get to be so creative, and it’s not something we can do at any other time of year!

  9. Hayley biles

    Building a snowman and sledging in the snow

  10. Andrea A

    Sledging because everyone can join in and it doesn’t take much effort or cost the earth.

  11. When we have snow we love building snow men 🙂 however in wales its more likely to rain so we also enjoy putting our wellies on and jumping in puddles 😀

  12. Dale Dow

    ice skating, we tried it for the first time this year and I was proud of my boys gaining their blade wings

  13. jules eley

    ice skating because they like going fast

  14. Becca Staples

    If we managed to get some snow i love sledging x

  15. jackie curran

    I like playing in the snow or walking in it , just don’t get it very often to be able to do it .

  16. Michelle Olner

    Ice sakting – especially when they start opening the outdoor rinks!!

  17. Ray Becker

    Tobogging rare you get a chance to do it

  18. Pam Francis Gregory

    Walks in the country side while the frost is still crisp is so invigorating!

  19. James Holyland

    I like scenic walks as they are easy to do and you can sit down en route

  20. Robyn Logan Clarke

    PLaying in the snow, its such a novelty as its such a rare occurence, by children loved it this year!

  21. Jamie Millard

    Nothing beats the excitement of a good old fashioned snowball fight.

  22. Andrew Hindley

    Winter walks in the country – love the peace and serenity

  23. Elspeth McMillan

    Building a snowman with the Grandchildren

  24. Adrian Bold

    Sledging, building snowmen – anything to do with snow really 🙂

  25. Days out to historic places such as palaces and castles are good in winter.

  26. Barbara Handley

    I enjoy watching my grandchildren playing outside from inside a warm house.

  27. Lynsey Buchanan

    Sledging is fun as the whole family can get involved.

  28. Dawn Hull

    Going for walks in the nearby countryside because it keeps us active and we get to see lots of wildlife.

  29. Jo McPherson

    We love walking around our local park – there’s lots to see and the exercise keeps us warm

  30. Ema J Lowe

    nice walks with the family, normally followed by a nice hot drink at the café.

  31. Snowboarding – it’s a great adrenalin rush.

  32. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    Snow balling with my boys, no luck so far!

  33. Julie Ward

    Badminton, don’t know why because I’m past my sell by date, knees, elbows (voltarol r us)

  34. Corinne Peat

    Love ice skating because I used to Skate on an outdoor pond when I was little all through winter.

  35. Lesley Bradley

    Taking the dogs out in the snow,they love bounding through it

  36. Jo Carroll

    It has to be ice skating for me. Some people say I’m always skating on thin ice but I’m very careful with what I say…as you can probably tell? 😉

  37. Playing in the snow with the children. I also like coming back into the warm house, making everyone hot chocolate and cuddling up on the sofa.
    Is planning and enjoying Christmas a winter activity? I LOVE that!

  38. Kristy Brown

    Swimming – because it reminds us of summer

  39. leanne weir

    We like collecting cones to make xmas decorations

  40. Julieann

    My fave winter activity is playing in the snow with my little boys they love building snowmen and watching our dog max hop in the snow lol

  41. laura gallant

    snow play, building a snowman and having a snow ball fight. Its great fun

  42. Julie Henderson

    after living in the canaries with no snow it has to be having snowball fights

  43. Katie Skeoch

    Getting wrapped up and walking through the local country park. A brisk walk in winter does you good!

  44. Ruth Harwood

    I love sitting at home reading while the kids play or watch a dvd xx

  45. Tracy Newton

    We like to wrap up warm and go on a family walk. It is free of charge, great exercise, a good chance to talk and it lets the little ones blow off steam. The only downside is that I hate washing dirty, muddy wellies



  47. Claire D

    Walking up mountains in the crisp white snow

  48. Michelle O'Neill

    building snowmen with my grandaughter x

  49. Andrea Fletcher

    Building snowmen with the children.

  50. Keith Hunt

    We like to go waling on the beach in Iceland each year.

  51. betony bennett

    Snowboardimg is fantastic but I haven’t done it for years!!

  52. Liam Bishop

    Sledging! Great fun if there’s enough snow 🙂 You can get a lot of speed up.

  53. melanie stirling

    Skiing,I haven’t done it for years but it was great fun going downhill really fast!

  54. melanie stirling

    Skiing,I haven’t done it for years but it was great fun going downhill really fast!

  55. Rosalind Blight

    After today it has to be snowtubing, the most fun i have had in a long time

  56. We love skiing as a family – it’s a very special time for us being in the mountains together

  57. Susan Smith

    Building snowmen, and sledging when there is snow, if no snow, then we love to wlf through the woods or along the beach

  58. ashleigh allan

    Skiing – because its fun for the whole family!

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