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We all know it’s Mother’s Day coming up, and either hope for a lie in, breakfast in bed, a gift and card, or a combination of all 3.  Thankfully N comes home from both nurseries with Mother’s Day cards and crafts, so I don’t have to rely on the OH remembering or thinking about it.  Shocking really, when I always ensure his mum has a card and some flowers.  It’s always a bit of a sad time for me though, reminding me that my mum’s no longer with us, so usually it’s a normal day.

mothers day jewellery at notonthehighstreet

But we all like to be appreciated and a little gift does help show that.  I know the OH despairs at how picky I can be but really I think he’s just looking in the wrong places.  I love to buy my friends really gorgeous presents that are hard to find, or a little different, but really reflect them as a person.  Something that they’d really like. is one of my go to places for gifts for girl friends, as well as when I’m looking for something a bit special for the OH or other blokes in the family.  The only problem is, finding too many gorgeous items you’d just love to buy yourself.

When offered me the chance to review a product from their Mother’s day feature, I was over the moon.  To say I got waylaid looking through the beautiful items on the website was an understatement.  It’s like Pinterest but real items. 

If you’ve never used before, they bring together quality items from independent sellers in the one website.  So you get really individual items that you might not see anywhere else.  I find it really easy to use as well, because you can filter on type of gift, recipient, price etc until you drill down and find suitable items.  I love that it’s a way to support independent small businesses too.  Something you don’t always find on the High Street.

Although there were a few items of jewellery that caught my eye (I really loved the silver etched bangles – but I have funny sized wrists vs hands so didn’t know whether I’d be able to get one on and off), I decided on a sterling silver necklace with hammered and matt disc charms.  I could personalise the discs with initials, so decided I’d have 2 discs, with mine and N’s initials on.

notonthehighst necklace

After ordering, my little parcel arrived promptly, and I was touched to see that Sacha the designer, had included a little note with the necklace.  This is the kind of touch that independent businesses seem to bring, especially when selling online, and it really does make you feel like they want to know their customers and make sure they’re happy. personalised necklace

The necklace is as gorgeous as I expected.  The chain itself is dainty, but not overly so, so it doesn’t overpower the discs.  I love the hammered disc, it’s always been a silver technique I really love, and the matt version just sets it off nicely for a bit of contrast.  The small initials are engraved at the bottom, and I like the size they are.

personalised Sacha Jacobsen jewellery

I’m not a fan of overly personalised items, and these are just subtle enough that I know they’re there, but that anyone else would need to get pretty close to see them.  With bitten fingernails, the only issue I have is with necklace clasps – it takes me ages to unclasp and clasp them…really should grow my nails again.

I’d love to have received this from N for Mother’s Day, so I shall imagine that was my gift.  And in future I shall be dropping more obvious hints to the OH over the website, prior to birthdays and Christmas.

If you want to purchase this disc necklace, it costs around £65 depending on the finish and options you choose. 

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  1. That’s a beautiful necklace – stunning! I’m also not a big fan of personalisation but my mum still buys me stuff with my name on, I think because in the 70s when I was growing up my name wasn’t so main stream and it never appeared on anything in the shops so she’s making up for that! Love that personal touch that came with it too – and I’ve long given up on subtle hints when it comes to presents for me from MOH. I think he appreciates it too 🙂 #pocolo

    1. I didn’t get that with my name obbiously! Although N will rarely see his name on anything. Yep, not sure hints work, although even if I give him an item I’ve researched, he just gets whatever, and the specific one I’ve researched!

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