Walking on air with Salomon walking shoes

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Receiving walking trainers to review in the height of summer, not only that but 30 degrees heat of summer, was probably not the brightest thing I ever did.  But I like to think ahead, and I do usually drive around with a pair of walking trainers in the boot of my car just in case.  I was sent a pair of Salomon walking shoes to try them out.

Light as a feather salomon walking trainers review - Bubbablue and me

Now I am a walking shoe fan.  I’ve never really worn boots since I was at uni, having never found them that comfortable.  Although I do still have some for pottering round on the farm – fat calves mean wide enough wellies are a nightmare to find.  But walking trainers I would live in (outside flip flop weather).  I find them so much more comfortable than sports trainer and they’re better in winter with the grips than sports shoes.

The walking shoes I’d chosen were the Ellipse 2 Aero, and were a lovely teal green colour.  I don’t really like heavy clompy shoes, and having a bit of fun colour means they’re more interesting and less masculine.  They have a really funky pink sole as well (can you tell I’m a typical girl, choosing on the basis of colour?!)

ladies salomon walking shoes

I chose a size 6 because I find I need to go up a half size with trainers, and they fit perfectly.  The laces are long enough but not too long, and even when my left ankle had swelled up, the sides and backs were cushioned enough not to come up too high and dig in.  They’re also a split leather and suede upper, and  they’re waterproof, essential when walking in dewy early mornings or pouring rain of the winter months.

trying out salomon walking shoes

I’m quite slack and will happily wear walking trainers without socks when it gets to spring (and I’m just walking round National Trust properties or town).  But some older shoes I’ve owned, I’ve found the insoles come out quite easily.  So far, there’s been no movement.  Plus the Salomon shoes have Ortholite insoles.  That means there’s the triple benefits of wicking away moisture, long lasting cushioning and air flow for cool feet.  Just the kind of technical developments that are useful in walking trainers.  The shoes are also designed to be snug on a female foot, with plenty of support and cushioning.

where I stand in salomon walking shoes

So far, I’ve not had the chance to venture far in these shoes, but they feel nice and bouncy, with no sharp bits inside the shoe.  They’re also really light, great for when you’re out walking.

One thing I don’t like about many walking shoes is they look really clumpy when I look down at my feet. But with these Salomon shoes, they don’t look ugly at all.

As soon as we’re out of flip flip season I’m going to be back living in my walking trainers again. I’ll be looking forward to these shoes being my go to.

You can buy these and other Salomon walking shoes and boots from Millets Sports.

What are your go to walking shoes?

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