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YuuTuu bag review – great for toddlers

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I’m a big fan of bags – handbags, satchels, rucksacks…anything to cart around all the paraphernalia that we seem to need when going out and about.  Thankfully N’s not at the stage of wanting to have his own bag for a simple shopping trip, and on longer trips I tend to have the rucksack.  But when going on holiday or away for a few days it’s nice for him to have a bag for his own gear.  We’ve been lucky enough recently to receive a YuuTuu bag to try out, and review.

yuutuu bag

If you’ve not come across Yuu, they make backpacks for children which are anatomically supportive.  None of this hanging off one shoulder malarkey.  They are deceptively lightweight, even though they have padding – to be more comfortable to wear and keep it structured. Hopefully it would avoid too many knocks to items inside as well.

padded back of yuutuu bag

The bags come in 2 sizes, and we have the smaller YuuTuu which is for ages 3-6.  When it arrived I was surprised at how large a rucksack it was.  I thought it would totally drown N.  In fact he could sit in it…he told me it was his car seat! 

playing with the yuutuu as a carseat

But actually once it was on, it didn’t look that massive for him.  I do like the chest strap as it means N doesn’t lose the straps off his shoulders. Does anyone else have a child who hates having their coat zipped up, so always has the shoulders hanging off?  The straps seemed comfortable for him and they will alter depending on the size of the child or the padded nature of a coat.

trying on the yuutuu bag

You have to excuse the face, but N hasn’t been keen on trying things on recently.  He’s more interested in driving his gator round the garden.

The YuuTuu (and the larger size) come in various different designs.  We were sent the Gruur which is a great red-orange dinosaur print.  This bag is perfect for darker winter mornings and evenings too, as it has reflective pieces on the back and straps.

Inside, the YuuTuu has numerous pockets and Velcro, enabling pockets and the pencil case to stay in place or to be removed and reattached as required.  N loves lots of zips, and there’s plenty of places for all those little knick knacks or toys that children love to take with them.  I’m not sure that most of N’s favourites would fit as he’s partial to taking large toys out with him when allowed, but there’s plenty of room for cars, small games, soft toys and other bits and bobs.  There isn’t anywhere to hold a water bottle in, so you’d just need to hope it didn’t leak being loose inside.

open yuutuu bag inside

The bonus with the bag is the activity pack that comes included.  N was really excited to find the pack, and wanted to get it out straight away. There were colouring pencils, a notepad, colouring book, magnetic travel snakes and ladders set.  All perfect for taking on a long journey.  You can strap the bag to a car seat, and unzip it fully to make a drop down play tray.  We’ll definitely be trying this next time we take a road trip as I do often feel bad that N never has anything to do in the back seat!


With the YuuTuu, you also get a code to join the Yuu club for extra fun and offers.

Hopefully this bag will last N a while, and we’ll be able to take it on trips longer than a day.  At £38 they are expensive, but are robust enough, and interesting enough to last several years.

Do your children carry bags round with them?  What do they like to pack in them?

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    1. Yes, Interestingly, YouWorld tweeted me and said that the outer pockets are meant to hold water bottles. I couldn’t get it in when I tried, but maybe I didn’t pull it far enough or N’s bottle is a bit wider. Will have to try again.

    1. The design’s definitely thought of everything. I thought N would get annoyed with the chest strap but it’s definitely good for backs as it helps the bag stay even

  1. My daughter has been asking for one of these but have never been able to justify the cost for her as she changes her bag more than, well more than she needs to but I think they are fantastic idea and make your things very well organised and easy to find for children

  2. I’ve seen these before and decided they were reeeaally expensive for what is essentially a kids rucksack with a few bits of activity items inside. Plus, the TV ad is really cheesy lol. Actually, reading this review gave me a much better idea of the quality of the bags which gave me a bit more faith in the product. I might go and have a look at the designs again … #triedandtested

    1. I know what you mean. I guess the cost has to equate to the usefulness and length of time they’ll be used. We wouldn’t use ours daily or for short trips, but might be an alternative to taking the trunki full of toys on a slightly longer day out/time away.

    1. N’s not really got to the stage of wanting a bag. One of his NCT friends has a wallet that he insists on carrying around all the time. So funny to see

  3. That bag is adorable! There seems to be such amazingly practically things out in the past couple years than ever before! I love the storage compartments inside! xx

    1. I agree about all the new items. And lots launched by independents too. We love all the pockets – one of N’s favourite things – he can hide lots of things from me.

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