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MOKURU fidget toy review – addictive desk toy

I’m not really a fidgeter but I do get easily distracted.  And I get bored a lot at work if I’m doing the same thing over and over again.  So being sent the MOKURU fidget toy, a desk based fidget product, was going to help give me some time out at work (and home).

Expected to be the next big thing to take over from fidget spinners, and brought over from Japan, the MOKURU is a really simple desk toy.  Essentially it’s a piece of shaped wood, with rubber discs on either end.  But it’s actually beech wood that’s been developed over time to create the perfect weight and balance properties. When we opened the packet, that was all there was…plus a card with links to the website to show you how to use it.  It was certainly a mystery.  Could this piece of wood really keep someone entertained?

Mokuru samples

The premise is simple – you just flick it or spin it in different directions on a flat smooth surface and that’s it.  There are various tricks you can learn, but it’s simply a tool to keep your fingers and mind focuses on one thing.  It certainly takes your minds away from any stresses because you have to concentrate.  There’s no multi-tasking with the MOKURU otherwise you’re likely to lose control of it.

N was straight in there, trying to claim if for his own.  But I’m not letting him have it.  I think we’re going to need to get another when they’re launched in the UK, then we can do double tricks.  The OH just frowned – he’s not one for playing.  But I’m hooked just like N.

mokuru review

We tend to leave it in the kitchen, and every time I walk in there I flick it a bit and try some new things.  It doesn’t take long to work out how hard you need to twitch to get it to move at the speed and direction you want.  Although there’s always one hand that’s better than the other.

My brother came over the other day to babysit, and poured scorn on it when I first mentioned it to him.  4 hours later when we came home, he was ready to show us what he could do with it already!

I took it into work as well, and my friend was impressed too. I tell you, everyone who tried it gets hooked.  The only downside in the office is the noise. Because it’s wooden it’s got quite a loud knock as it flips, so it’s not subtle and is likely to annoy colleagues.  That’s a shame, because I’d love to use it in the office for when I needed to wake myself up.  It’s small so can fit in a pocket or small bag. It’s just the thing to take to the pub to challenge your friends.

N wants to take it into school to morning club to show people.  Maybe once I’ve had my fill – I don’t want him to lose it.

You can see some of the things you can do with it in the video, or check out the MOKURU facebook page.  MOKURU is available from Amazon (*affiliate link) and Smyths.

Do you think you’d get hooked?


Disclosure: We were sent a MOKURU for review purposes. All words and opinions are my own

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