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School Days – parents evening and results

We’re rapidly on countdown with only 2 weeks of school left before summer. It’s come round so quickly and this week has had lots going on on the admin side of school rather than school work.

Parents evening

Last week reports came home, and this week was parents’ evening.  Usually I have lots to talk about and end up over-running (the joys of opting for the final slot), but this year it was all short and to the point.

N’s confidence has come on brilliantly this year from where he was at the start, whether that’s reading, writing or just generally in class.  He was very confident that his year 1 phonics screening was easy, and yes he passed. I’d love to know what score he got but our school don’t share that.  And now he’s working at an expected level across everything.

His maths was a little disappointing as last year he was moving more into the exceeding level, but this year is as expected.  Given that’s his strength area it would have been nice to see him coming out as stronger, rather than at the same level as his reading and writing. I do think while he’s come on well and not been daunted by having to work harder. But I also think he’s not had the benefit of working alongside as much as the year 2s compared with those year 1s that did. Let’s hope that next year he can catch up with those who went up this year.

School photo

N can be really particular and the whole school photo day was that day. N was most put out because he had to sit down on the floor, and some of reception year were standing up behind the year 1s. He didn’t like that, and was telling me how it should have been.  He was also concerned that 2 of the reception girls wouldn’t be seen because they were behind teachers.

‘Mummy, it’s going to be ruined’

Well, I won’t be buying it, but I did have to point out that the positioning was to keep the girls in yellow dresses together, and the rest in blues together.    He wasn’t having it, but thankfully the conversations about it have stopped.  We did have a good laugh about how his friend has stepped up really close to one boy leaving a massive gap between him and the next boy. According to N, his friend thinks the lone boy on the end does silly things so wouldn’t stand next to him.

Picky about homework

outdoor reading

N is usually pretty good about doing his maths homework when he gets it. But reading is still a chore even though he finds it easier. As for spellings. From this term it’s been painful. When he started year 1, he would eagerly learn his spellings each day. But now he’s lazy about them. He’ll leave them til the last minute. ┬áHe still hasn’t worked it out that if he just did them every other night, he’d stand more chance of getting back to his full marks again.

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