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School Days – swimming and story writing

Week 2 of the school term is done and things are still going pretty well.  Ok, so it’s still hard to get N to do his reading (we now have a sheep deal, but he already missed one day!), but the last bit of reading he did with me was so much better and back to how he was reading in the summer. So I’m pleased with that.


N has never been a fan of swimming lessons and he was a little up and down about swimming with school.  When it came to the day he was excited.  Mostly because they get to go on the coach.  That evening I got the lowdown of everything that had happened.  Which year 4 kid he’s been buddied with, how the boys changing room is really small compared with the girls one (I’m surprised as the girls one isn’t large and there’s an awful lot of boys in 2 of the years who go swimming).

He managed to bring every item of clothes home, and had put his wet swimming things inside his swim hat and rolled it in his towel. I’ve trained him well.

He’s with the other swim teacher to normal which I think will help him.  Most of the year 2s are in his group in the shallow end, although he pointed out a couple who’d been put in the more advanced groups.  He was in awe of their swimming.  Maybe it’ll give him a bit of focus to improve.

The pool must be quite busy. With 37 kids swimming, his usual swimming class is crushed when there’s only 8 of them, so hopefully he’ll come on faster now he’s swimming twice a week.

He did point out they were doing easy swimming, but I’m presuming they’ve got quite a mixed ability lowest group and they were obviously working out what everyone could do.  But it seemed to go well, and it’s a bonus their school do swimming with them from year 2.

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Story writing

N’s strength is in maths not english, so I think he was a little worried about the first big story writing he was going to be doing.  They spent the week’s sessions planning, and had to write the story on the Friday. He wouldn’t tell me what his story was about.  ‘You’ll just have to wait to read it at open morning’.

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