introducing kids to music with pbuzz - Bubbablue and me
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How to introduce kids to musical instruments with pBuzz

N loves music. He’s getting to the stage though, where he wants to make more of it and do it his own way. Whether that be blasting rock out through the tv or CD player, or tinkering on the piano.

More often than not, N’s making up a song with whatever random words are going through his head at the time. I love his singing. Totally spontaneous, and it rarely makes much sense at all. But I love to hear him experimenting and enjoying sound and voice.

I keep asking him whether he wants to learn a musical instrument at school. He’d probably go on a waiting list first, but I thought I’d offer it him to check, but he’s not been interested so far. We were lucky enough though, to be sent the new pBuzz to review.

introducing kids to music with pbuzz - Bubbablue and me

I’d not heard of Pbuzz before, but this is the 4th plastic ‘brass’ instrument from the company – after the pBone, pTrumpet and pBone mini.. The original 3 are all comparable with metal instruments but perfect for children due to the lighter weight.  The pBuzz is tuned with 6 notes.  It might be plastic but it’s a great starter for children getting into music.

The pBuzz is similar in shape to a clarinet or soprano saxophone. For N that meant it was quite long – although it didn’t stop him from having a go on it and getting to grasps with the ‘buzz’ sound and the slide.

Playing music with the pbuzz musical instrument

The hardest thing is making a reasonable sound, because as with all brass instruments, it’s the mouth shape and blow that’s hard to get. We all had a go, even the OH who usually avoids any new items that turn up at home.  I’ve played real brass instruments before but even N and his dad could make the right sound from it.  It wasn’t pretty, but it gave N pleasure to know he could play it.

N had a great time, trying to make his own version of music, while I was trying to play something that sounded good. It’s harder than you think even with the 6 notes marked out by note and colour. To make the notes change, you simply move the slide part of the pbuzz up and down (think of it like a trombone slide.

PLaying the pbuzz musical instrument

The pBuzz only comes in red (the other instruments have a choice of colour), although I don’t see that as a problem. And handily the mouthpiece comes off which means you can clean it out.  The material it’s made from, Biocote, means it can’t get mouldy and keeps microbes away.

I think the pBuzz is a great way to get children interested in music. Obviously unlike electronic instruments there isn’t an off button, so if you hate noise or have neighbours who dislike rowdy children, then avoid a pBuzz. Otherwise, it’s great fun, and if you had several children you could have a mini pBuzz band.

With the pBuzz is a great price for a tuned instrument, and suitable from around age 5 upwards.

I also have 1 pBuzz to give away to a lucky reader. To be in the draw, just answer the question in the comments, complete the rafflecopter widget (there are additional bonus entry options), and then keep your fingers crossed.

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Disclosure: We were sent a pBuzz for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. I was taught a brass instrument from 5 years old and still play it 38 years later. It’s the tenor horn a gorgeous sounding instrument.

  2. I would really like to learn to play the Violin. I did try a while ago but gave up because I was worried about the neighbours lol. I did feel though that I was picking it up quite well and could be quite good so want to take it further.

  3. I had keyboard lessons and I recently taught myself to play the recorder. I was always envious of my friend who was learning the flute!

  4. Always wanted to play the piano as I think it’s such a majestic beautiful instrument!

  5. I always wanted to play the guitar, piano, flute and violin. I never did. I should remedy that!

  6. I had piano lessons as a child but didn’t keep it up – luckily I have two musical grown up sons – hopefully if I win this I can help my grandsons make music too!

  7. I had guitar lessons in primary school, but never practised enough, so didn’t get very far! I do wish I could play an instrument now, and I’m going to encourage my children to try.

  8. I play the piano and guitar 🙂 My eldest daughter plays the violin and we are looking at introducing our younger to an instrument shortly. This would be great!

  9. I used to play the piano at school and loved it but sadly did not carry on and would love to play again

  10. I used to play the piano and saxophone, sadly didn’t keep it up though once I left home

  11. violin but I never followed it up because my family couldnt afford my own one which I needed for high school. My partner is very musical I hope to instill it into our daughter (if she wants to)

  12. I played the keyboard as a child…. i auditioned for the violin club in school but you had to be able to hold a tune in your voice and i clearly couldnt as i didnt get in haha

  13. I do not play any instrument (although I did play the recorder as a child – did not we all?).
    I have always wished I had learned to play the piano because I love the sound but also because it is such a social instrument. Otherwise I would have liked to play the clarinet or the oboe as some of my favourite pieces of music are played on these instruments.

  14. I have played the piano from the age of 6. I think it’s great for children to learn a musical instrument

  15. I’ve been playing the piano since I was 6 years old. I think it’s great for children to learn a musical instrument

  16. I have my grandmother’s mandolin which I love. However, when I had a lesson, my fingers felt as though they had been skinned – so I just look at it now.

  17. I don’t play anything, though as a child I played the piano, recorder and flute. I always really wanted to learn the clarinet but there were no spaces, thus I ended up with flute!

  18. I would love to learn how to play the piano properly, I did it as a child but found it boring at the time

  19. I enjoy playing the Piano and i’m teaching our little girl at the moment.

    I love your blogs, keep up the great work! 🙂

  20. I play quite a few instruments including: keyboard, recorder, violin, mandolin and guitar. I have always loved playing and encouraged my children and now my great-niece, who is just 3, to play music.

  21. I use to play the piano, and I could probably pick a little of it back up if I tried. But more than an instrument, I wish I could sing! My husband is a singer and I hate that I can’t sing, but hopefully our little man will pick up his talent lol.

  22. I really wish I could play the piano as I imagine it’s so relaxing when you know how but unfortunately I dont

  23. I played the Clarinet, got quite good but quit when I went to Uni. Often think about getting it out of the attic and annoying the neighbours!

  24. I played the ‘recorder’ in school..thats as far as my musical ability went until I received a stylophone and then I was the queen of electric :). Have always wanted to master either the saxophone (I was an eighties teenager) or the piano. Hope my grandkids have more ability.

  25. I used to play Cello but have done for quite some time, I would love to play piano

  26. I learned piano but I hated it & never wanted to learn an instrument, I’m really not musical – but I’d love my kids to have the chance to see if they’d enjoy it!

  27. None I’m not musical at all, this would be great for grandson so he can annoy his dad

  28. I have only ever played the recorder at school but would dearly have loved to learn to play the drums!

  29. I have never been musical but always wanted to play the violin as love the sounds it makes

  30. i tried the oboe when i was younger but was never very good. my son loves music but there isn’t much opportunity at his school so would love to encourage him more at home x

  31. I learned to play a flute at Uni but hasn’t played since. And even then I sounded so bad that our dog howled when I played…

    1. I know what you mean. I played clarinet, piano and sax. I think it’s so valuable for kids learning other skills and disciplines outside of music that music really builds on. I don’t play anymore, apart from the occasional tinker on the piano. I’m so out of practice I struggle with even simple reading music.

  32. I learnt to play the drums on mummy’s pots and pans when i was 3 years old

  33. I would of loved to of played the harp it’s a beautiful sound but sadly I don’t play any instrument

  34. I can’t play any instruments but wish I could play the electric guitar. I used to listen to my dad’s rock albums on record and cassette when I was a kid and think there’s a bit of me that’s always wished I could give Thin Lizzy a run for his money! I have a 6 year old and a 1 year old and would love for them to learn to play an instrument.

  35. I played recorder as a child. I wish I had had the opportunity to play other musical instruments via school such as violin, piano etc. I’d like people to get the opportunities of learning to play music. Schools, churches etc maybe could be used as venues. Did members of the Royal family get such Opportunities? As Princess Margaret apparently enjoyed Ballet, some of the Royals probably attend opera etc. Music is used at these shows, maybe some Royals appreciate Music.

  36. I was in a old brass band when I was younger and played the Tenor Horn, wish I hadn’t given it up now.

  37. I learned how to play the recorder at school though I cannot remember much now. I would have loved to learned how to play the harp!

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