cat robber

Project 366 2016 week 31 – horseplay

This week’s Project 366 will be short and sweet (I’ll believe it when I see it!). We’re onto week 31 and not long to go now.

On Sunday, we visited NT Claydon. We’ve pretty much exhausted all the nearby National Trust properties but this isn’t one I’d go back to.  Still, these lavenders on their display outside the shop in their were so pretty.

lavender on sale

On Monday, N had a nutty evening.  His uncle popped over, and N discovered a beachball freebie we got a while back.  Crikey, you should have seen N, his dad and uncle.  The 3 of them kicking this ball all over the place.  N was loving it.

playing becah ball ith his dad and uncude.

On Tuesday I didn’t get many photos, but I spotted these gorgeous bright flowers in a bouquet when out at lunch.  I love gerberas, and this didn’t disappoint.

bright flowers

I’d hoped to try and get N to carry on with his reading and practising some writing over the holidays.  The reading has been non-existent apart from him noticing and asking about some words when we’re out and about.  And the writing’s not really happened either.  Until Wednesday when N got his pens and paper out and started writing. Yes, of his own accord and working out his own words and ‘spelling’ too.  It was very sweet, but just proves that he’ll do it in his own time when he’s ready.  As usual.  (I’m not entirely sure what the first 2 rows actually said, but the bottom said ‘Auntie Julie’.

practising his writing

On Thursday I popped over to the farm to pick up N and found one of the farm cats on the table under the car port…eating from the massive bag of dog biscuits.  Let’s hope it didn’t then drink lots of water and end up with a swollen tummy.

cat robber

On Friday there was more horseplay from N with his dad.  I think N was trying to keep hold of his dad and stop him going back out to work, but it could have been anything!

cuddles with dad

On Saturday I went for a spontaneous morning to Art in the Park in Leamington Spa.  It was a lovely event with arts of all kinds on show, to try out or watch.  And the weather was just beautiful.

blue skies

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  1. Art in the park is a new one on me, sounds fun in the sun.
    Great flowers with pretty colours.
    Kicking a ball is such a simple pleasure and much better fun than electronics.

    1. Everything is more fun in the sun though (well, maybe not skiing!). Yes, it appears football has become a fast favourite here for garden games. Thanks for stopping by Elaine

  2. Well done to N for starting writing! Mine is a totally lazy bum, he doesn’t want to do any reading or writing during holidays. Beautiful gerberas and such a bright blue sky! Lovely photo of your two men together.

    1. Well, it’s extremely sporadic, and since that time, there’s been none since. He did get out his phonics flashcards ths morning, but I think that’s just to chuck them around from what I could see.

  3. Wow, look at that blue sky! It really was a beautiful day yesterday. Love the picture of N and his dad too. My poor daughter has been doing maths all holidays as she has the grammar school entrance exam right at the start of term and her maths isn’t great. I would have liked my boys to do a bit of work too, but they’ve done nothing. Not even picked up a book to read or a musical instrument.

    1. Thankfully I do still read to N, but he’s already said he can’t remember how to write numbers – he’s so forgetful about school work, I think he’s going to have regressed so much. Just hoping it comes back quickly. I did send in reading books to holiday club with him and they did have him read 2 days but that was it.

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