low planes over the tent

Project 365 2017 week 30 – camping and puppies

Week 1 of the summer holidays is complete and we’re back from our annual camping trip with friends. For the first time in 3 trips, we had more rain than sun, although I’m glad we got 2 days of amazing sun unlike those arriving at the end of our trip who were due more wind and rain.  I didn’t get much sleep unusually (well, my fitbit* says I did, but I seemed to see every hour so not sure how accurate that was!)

Onto week 30 of Project 365. Whenever I go away I never want to share all my great photos, so here’s a mish mash of them, while I can save the rest for holiday blog posts.

On Sunday, the pup was out on the run. She’s growing so quickly, and seems to have perfected a creeping towards you, commando style walk along grass.

new puppy commando crawling

On Monday it was off to camping in South Wales.  This was only a few bits of our equipment.  I don’t know how people with more kids and smaller cars do it, because mine is pretty packed by the time we were ready to go. You can see what we take over at my camping essentials post.

ready for camping

Each afternoon (on the fine days at least), 2 planes would fly over really low. It was exciting to watch, although they did come a lot lower than we expected. I was pleased to have the camera out in time on the Tuesday.

low planes over the tent

A couple of our group hired fire pits for the week. We were a bit rubbish at lighting them – a lot of smoke happened, but everyone loved the marshmallow toasting.  On Wednesday I tried a kind of S’more using cookies. Messy but delicious although maybe a smaller than giant marshmallow should have been used instead.

cookie style smores

Only going camping for 4 nights rather than 6 meant that after 1 wet day and 2 days on the beach, there wasn’t much time to actually get out and about and see anywhere. N and I did leave the others one day to wander round the Mumbles where N took over the GoPro*…and promptly broke the attachment for the stick!

child with a go pro camera

On Friday we headed home after an extremely wet and windy night.  And yet again, the OH had had a clear out downstairs. It’s now like it was before I moved in, like an empty show home but without any decoration or life. So not only did I have to sort out everything from camping, but also everything dumped in N’s room and mine from downstairs. Oh and the dishwasher hadn’t been emptied and the OH hadn’t done his laundry. That will have to wait until our stuff has been done!  N decided that he wanted to get rid of his wooden railway set. I’m gutted because it’s something that really should be handed down to his kids, but I can’t get it up into the roof and the OH won’t put it up there. So it’ll be hopefully going to a new home if I can sell it on.

selling on wooden railway sets

On Saturday I felt a bit headachy, probably due to lack of water, and little sleep. I headed to drop off charity shop stuff, went to the market for bread, and did the food shopping, then played a bit of tennis with N. Later his uncle came over and he got roped into tennis as well. I’m pleased I found some red tennis balls at our local independent sports shop – N’s been playing quite a lot of rallies since.

tennis rallies in the garden
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  1. My sister is with us at the moment, with her two kids, so suddenly I have five kids in the car and no boot! It’s been interesting 🙂 I think if it was like this all the time I’d have to get a roof box! Glad you got some sunshine on your camping trip x

  2. Thanks, fingers crossed. I’ve got 2 weeks before I’m off again but at home, and then hoping to go away at the end of the hols if I get organised.

  3. DD2 with one child in her cars asks DD1 with the 5 of them the exact same question.
    Bob’s wooden train tracks are in the loft for the twins. Could you not split them into smaller bags until you get them up and then put them back into the box?
    Shame when it rains when you are camping but well done for braving it.

    1. It’s the actually getting up into the loft that’s the issue. The step ladder is dubious and you have to be able to pull yourself up into it.

  4. Oh it must be so sad when the kids are done playing with certain toys they use to love. Definitely will be loved by someone else though I am sure! Those marshmallow cookies look amazing! #365

  5. I think that about people packing up the car when they have more than one child. Ours is often full to the rafters and more children = less space + more stuff. Pity about the weather on your camping trip.

  6. Shame about the weather on your camping trip, but it still sounds like you had fun. Love that photo of the aeroplane over the tent! That is definitely a lot for two people for a few days, but I know my husband fills the car when he takes our kids camping for two nights – probably more stuff than when we go on holiday for a week!

    1. We don’t do slumming it and I don’t do washing while we’re away, so there’s always a lot of stuff to take! And yes, always more stuff than going away somewhere else for a week because you need all the equipment and camping stuff

  7. So glad the camping trip went well and the weather was nice….Those S’more’s look amazing!
    Eesh! Your other half sounds like he’s being a bit unfair…That’s a shame about the wooden railway set. 🙁

    1. 2.5 days of sun was good, the rest was dubious. Yes the OH is very annoying – he gets a bee in his bonnet when he’s left in the house on his own for a decent amount of time. There’s always something he chucks out that he shouldn’t too. This time, my weekly calendar white board!

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