Flashing fidget toys from Zing – Spinbladez and Spinzipz

Like so many other children this year, N loves fidget spinners and any other quirky toys he can fritter away time on. We were sent some recent release fidget toys from Zing – the Spinbladez, Spinzipz and Thumb Chucks to review.

We both love the Spin toys.  Both the Spinbladez and Spinzipz are addictive.  Who can resist flashing lights to remind you of disco lighting? Both are good chunky, good quality toys.  Dropping these isn’t going to break them.

The Spinbladez is a standard fidget spinner shape, with 3 blades.  It spins really well, you get a triple effect colour from the LED lights on both sides of the spinner.  It’s definitely addictive.  What’s a bonus is that it comes with a little connector which you can use to fix 2 spinbladez together to rotate them.

I can’t stop picking it up, let alone N. They spin pretty fast too, which means you get a bit of noise with them from the air movement. Not the most subtle if you want to play with these in school, kids. But kids loved them – N took the spinners to a Pizza Express party he went to, where he knew noone except the birthday boy. As soon as he walked through the door with them in his hands, he was bombarded by the other boys all wanting to see them. Lights are good in a 6 year old’s world!

fidget spinners spinbladez

The cost of these when available in stores will be at an rrp of £9.99.  Compared to other fidget spinners that’s not a bad price.

The Spinzipz in contrast is a 2 ended fidget spinner. Again it’s light up, and this is just as easy to use.  Both spinners feel comfortable, confidently heavy in your hand and with the lights, can be used day or night. The cost is around £7.99 although in the Zing store there is currently a multipack deal.

We were also sent some Thumb Chucks.  We didn’t get on with these at all.  Well, N said he did, but mainly just flinging them around the room to see them light up.  They’re basically like 2 light up bouncy balls at the end of some cord. And with practice  (you can see the masters on YouTube), you can flip and fling them around your fingers (and thumbs).  My attempts were extremely slow and rough – I think you need a lot of time to get skills in both.

You can currently buy the spinzipz and thumb chucks from Zing Toys. They’d be great for Christmas stocking fillers.


Disclosure: We were sent the toys for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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