last day of year 1 photo

School Days – VIP and fun week

I think most people’s children have finished school for the summer now.  N finished on Thursday with an inset day on Friday which gave us a lovely 3 free days to prepare for our camping trip.

So N has now finished year 1 – the first 2 years have sped by, and I supposed, sadly the next 5 will speed on by even faster.

Here’s this week’s School Days.


N was pleased to come home on the last day of the year with a VIP sticker given by his outgoing teacher. It sounds like it might have been for sitting nicely during the class musical numbers they performed for the school. But I can’t be sure about that. N hadn’t even told me about the fact that each class were singing. It’s quite unusual that I’ve not heard him practising like he usually does.

Pens gift

N came home with a pack of pens one day this week.  One of the parents who goes into school to help out had taken them in, and children whose names were on the board as being good (not sure if that was quite right) were given them.  Nice for the children and N’s already been enjoying writing and colouring with them in the blank books that school send them home for independent writing over the summer.

Fun run and picnic

The school do a lot of charity support, whether it’s dressing up or down days, cake sales, or other activities through the year. They’ve also been doing a morning exercise session for parents and children to do. N has enjoyed the running and dancing exercise, but hasn’t been keen about being sweaty before school.

But this week, the exercise culminated in a fancy dress fun run round the village.  Everyone was invited to join in although N said not many parents did. Obviously they had to get to work. N refused to dress up as usual so went in PE kit.  He wasn’t the only one not to dress up although that doesn’t seem to bother him.

He really enjoyed the run and told me who he ran with at which bit, and what the teachers were dressed as. It was funny seeing one of his teachers walking into the school with her hair in pigtails and dresses as a Brownie Guide.

Hopefully they raised a good amount for Cancer Research.

In the afternoon it was the school family picnic. Again I was at work, but nibbles were duly sent in for all to share.  They also played games and did activities so it sounded like a fun do.

last day of year 1 photo

Leavers Service

I didn’t make it to the leaver’s service, but just caught the end of it as I came to pick up N.  I find it teary seeing those I know in the older years leaving, god knows how their own parents feel. Their final song performance – a personalised version of an Ed Shearan song.  A rendition of So Long, Farewell sung by the rest of the school to them.  In 5 years time that’s going to be N doing the same thing, and me probably in tears.

One of the sad things is that from a small school, the children tend to split off to quite a few different schools, more so than larger schools elsewhere.

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