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The education and parent blogger tag

I spotted this education and parent blogger tag over on Sue Foster info, and thought I’d join in. I’ve always had opinions on education and with everything kicking off about Labour’s views on private schools (and likely grammars as well), as well as thinking about the next step of N’s education in 3 years time, I’m sure there’ll be more education posts on the blog.

education and parent blogger tag - bubbablue and me

Here’s my answers to the education and parent blogger tag

What is your highest educational achievement?

I have a BSc (Hons) degree in Geography. It’s a bit of a cheat really because more of my degree was human geography, but I got the BSc I wanted!

What was your favourite subject at school?

Geography obviously but I also liked English (anything that lets you read lots of books worked for me).

How are your children educated? (public, private or homeschool etc)

State primary school.

What is your child’s favourite subject?

Probably maths, although he enjoys topic when it’s science, history or a bit of geography. He hates drama (I’m with him on that one).

What is your favourite educational game?

Can I count Trivial Pursuit? Otherwise Rummikub or Scrabble. I think a lot of games are educational without intending to be.

Who is your child’s favourite author?

Probably David Walliams, although he doesn’t mind Roald Dahl books. As long as they don’t have justified text and lots of hyphens and words split onto the next row as he finds those really hard to read.

What is your child’s favourite FREE educational game?

Maths Rockstars probably. He loves any kind of game with maths.

What does your child want to do when they grow up?

Currently a professional tennis player. He intends to have farming as a back up, but I’ve been encouraging him to think about having an alternative back up for both – maybe something tennis oriented like coaching qualifications or sports psychology or nutrition etc.

Do your children want to go to university?

I don’t think it’s in his plans. I’d prefer him to do an apprenticeship as unless you need a degree, it’s so expensive to do one at uni. Especially if there’s the apprenticeship route option which could end up with a degree. Although I went to uni, my brother gave up and none of the OH’s family went. The nephews are all so far opting for the apprenticeship route, so it’s not something that he knows much about yet.

If you want to join in the education tag, just copy the questions and let me know if you’ve taken part.

How do you feel about education in your child’s future?

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