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School Days – football conversion and PDSA

It’s been a bit of a ‘nothing’ week for School Days. Just another week and N hasn’t been forthcoming with his commentary on his days.  The biggest thing was going as a 6 year old. He didn’t want to be 6 and go to school.  Thankfully Monday came and went with no problems.


N came home with his first VIP sticker in ages. His house team are lagging behind the other 3 teams, so I think they need a bit of a boost from somewhere.  N couldn’t tell me what his VIP sticker was for so it’s a bit of a mystery.


Sigh, N’s brought home yet another level 5 reading book. It will be interesting to see if he finds it easy given he’s been doing well with the level 6 books. So far he’s refused to read it though.

Hockey and football

The external football coach comes in and does hockey with them this term. N said he likes hockey although it’s obviously not taking up much of his thinking time because he doesn’t talk much about it.

In contrast he’s announced that he doesn’t want to do tennis after school club on Mondays because they’ve got a coach coming in during school time. It sounds like 3 times a week is too much.  Obviously we’ll have to see what he says after Easter. Instead N’s said he wants to do after school football club. This from the boy who’s always said he’s not keen on football. But his friend G does it, so he’s decided he wants to try it too.  We’ll see after Easter because there’s an impact on changing nursery/after school days around, so I need to plan for that.


N declares no knowledge of geography as a subject, but he seems to have been doing quite a bit during topic work.  All of a sudden he’s interested in lots of different countries, and likes playing guess the flag with his dad.  They’ve been studying dinosaurs at school as well so we’ve been talking about how the land used to be 1 and then 2 ‘continents’.  There have also been a lot of ammonite pictures drawn, I presume he’s learnt about these from school.

Maths and money

It continues to amaze how much they learn this early on.  I don’t recall learning times table by this stage, but maybe we did.  This week they’ve been learning about money and counting in 10s, or at least that’s what his homework was. I was so impressed at him getting this homework all right with no fuss and bother.

working out maths and money - Bubbablue and me

PDSA visitors

The school quite often have external visitors to talk to the children. This week was the PDSA and the work they do with animals. N was quite taken with these, and talked quite a bit about what they do (thinking as children so often do, that parents know nothing that the job the visitors did). Now he’s trying to get me to register him for their children’s magazine, but I know he’ll never read them.

I think it’s get the children can get inspired by the different jobs people have. Parents can go in and talk about their jobs, and then other key roles in the community visit as well.

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  1. I always find it amazing how much he does in a week – and how much you get to hear about! I never heard anything at all from my eldest when he was at primary school. I only felt I got to know the school when his brother and sister started and actually told me bits and pieces!
    I always think football is a good idea for kids. Rightly or wrongly, it’s what the popular kids do. If they learn to play football, they will never be bored or lonely!

    1. He is quite vocal thankfully. Although hasn’t remembered as much recently. You’re right about football – they do it within school and he plays it at lunch with a crowd of older boys as well, and will play with others when camping. So we’ll see whether he really wants to do the club as well.
      Thanks for stopping by and linking up.

  2. It’s great that he does so much! We get letters about football and other activities, and he never wants to. He says “no i’m not very good at football” and can’t seem to understand that no one is to start with. He had some swimming lessons last year, and he started a long time after all the others, so they were much better. Which wasn’t really fair, a beginners class in which they could all swim unaided. The teacher got a bit nasty with him, then he never wanted to go back, I think it put him off all classes!

    1. He does like chatting about it – but I have to tell him about my day first. N isn’t keen on swimming lessons. He’d rather do his own thing. He’s just moved up so is the only one still with a float belt, so hopefully it’ll give him a boost to remove it. Your experience sounded like a nightmare.
      Thanks for stopping by

    1. He prefers being VIP to star or learner of the week. VIP means he gets to go into lunch early, sit on the VIP table and get out to play first!

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