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Children’s chatter – Why don’t men have…?

While I usually sigh when N asks yet another random question, I do love that he’s interested in the world around him and wants to learn more.  I just don’t always know all the answers.

This time it was all about body parts.  And the difference between mens and womens.  Specifically nipples.  Thankfully he never seems to come up with these questions outside the house.

thinking child

We were in the bathroom and N was getting ready for his shower.  He likes to take his time getting in the shower (I don’t know how he doesn’t feel the cold).

‘Mummy, why don’t these stick out on men?’  pointing to his nipples.  I tried to stifle a snigger.

‘What nipples?  Or boobs/breasts?’

‘These’  pointing again

‘Men do have nipples but they don’t have breasts because they’re not women and they don’t need to feed babies’.

‘Yes, mummies feed babies from them’

‘They can do, and men can’t because they don’t have milk like women.  So the nipples can stick out compared to mens because the baby has to be able to latch on to suck.  Like cows have udders and teats to help the calves drink their milk’.  The conversations you never think you’ll have before you have children.

He thinks and nods. It’s quite often very handy having animals on the farm to relate human equivalent conversations to.  Roll on the birds and the bees details.  He’ll have see it all on the farm by then I expect.

It does make me wonder what prompts some of his questions.  Especially as he rarely sees me in the shower any more because he’s always downstairs in the morning at that time.

Question answered, he’s probably off thinking of some more to ask. Usually his questions involve what woman don’t have but I’m sure I’ll have more of the ‘why don’t men?’ style questions.

Have your children come out with interesting or awkward body questions?

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  1. All the time. Big dude likes to ask why I don’t have a willy as it’s daft not too. Ha ha!

    1. Ah yes, we’ve had the willy conversation and what women have and why etc. I didn’t quite expect the nipples one. At least he saves these questions for home rather than out in public or at swimming

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