A guide to blogger tags

What is a blogger tag – a guide

One of my most frequently searched for posts is my British blogger tag.  I came across it on another blog where they’d tagged me, and I had to track down the questions myself because it seemed to have started on Youtube.

I don’t often do tags, but it was fun to do and got a few responses and comments across social media.  It appears that people love ‘britishness’ and often have a view whether they’re British or not.

A guide to blogger tags - what they are and where to find them | Bubbablue and me

What is a blogger tag?

Someone somewhere starts a tag – this can be a round of questions, or some kind of content where the blogger can share a bit about themselves or their views, loves and dislikes.  Then they tag a set number of other bloggers to take part.  And so it grows.

Unlike linkies which people take part in, there is no set time limit. While a linky will usually be open for a week or month, tags will roll on until no-one continues them.

Why take part in a blogger tag?

I know when I first started blogging I did a few blogger tags.  As a newbie it’s a great way to get involved with the community then it’s a good way of doing some blogger shout outs on your blog and social media, and getting commenting and chatting to other bloggers.  There’s the potential for back links if you’re concerned about those, and can also provide some content if you’re running out of ideas (check out my post on how to think up blog ideas)

How to find blogger tags

If you know the name of the tag obviously it’s just a case of putting a search into Google.  You may need to track down a start point.  There’s no need to actually be tagged, although that’s the aim.  If you fancy joining in then why not do so and start another strand.  Otherwise, it’s a case of spotting them when reading other blogs.

Watch outs

Blogger tags aren’t for everyone.  It’s worth asking someone if they want to be tagged – think of them as a harmless version of a chain letter – sometimes people can get a bit annoyed being tagged left right and centre, so it’s worth asking.  And don’t presume everyone will want to take part.

If you want to take part in some blogger tags, then why not check out some of those below.

Let me know if you take part in any of these…I’m nosy and love to find out more about bloggers so would love to have a read.

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  1. Interesting post as I thought a tag was just a way of categorising a post, I didn’t know these posts that are passed between bloggers had a name.

    1. Ah yes, tags. I must have millions of different ones that I need to get rid of and make more standardised, but everything takes time!

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