Either or tag weighing up the alternatives - Bubbablue and me

Either Or Tag – getting to know you

I wanted to try a quick either or tag to let me readers know a bit more about myself.  And hopefully some other bloggers will join in and continue the tag.  It’s a simple either or, but of course I can’t stop at just the answers!

Either or tag weighing up the alternatives - Bubbablue and me

Which do you prefer of these Either Or questions?

Summer or winter

It’s a hard one, I prefer sunny weather to snow, but I’m not a fan of hot weather when you just sweat and can’t be comfortable walking around.

Red or white wine

I don’t drink red wine ever since a dinner party we held in our girls boarding house for selected boys, and rather a lot of wine was drunk.  I rarely drink anyway, but a white wine spritzer is ok with a meal

Fish and chips or pizza

Pizza, preferably ham and pineapple.  I’m not a fish fan

Cinema or home movies

Both.  Love watching movies at home but I’m never watching them properly as I’m always multi-tasking. You can’t beat the cinema for getting into the atmosphere of the big screen

Cosy by the fire or out walking in the cold

I love walking in fresh snow, but really hate the inconvenience of snow, so I’ll say staying inside in the warm

Ice cream or ice lollies/popsicles

Ice cream

Reading or writing

Both.  I love reading, but how can a blogger say they don’t enjoy writing

Non-fiction or fiction

Fiction – mostly crime thrillers or chick lit. I like an easy quick read.

Babies or older children

Older children. I’ve never been a baby person, although I did enjoy N as a baby too.

Coke or pepsi

Diet version – coke preferably, but I’ll drink both

Savoury or sweet

Sweet.  I am a chocoholic, although do enjoy a bag of crisps on occasion.

Scary films or rom coms

Rom coms definitely.  I don’t watch horror films, although I don’t mind a crime thriller on occasion.

Live gigs or watching then from the comfort of your home

From home.  I love a live performance, but for the ease of seeing more, it has to be home.

Christmas or Easter

Christmas, although it’s a working day on the farm so isn’t really that different to a weekend.

Playing sport or watching sport

If I was fitter, probably playing sport.  But I do enjoy watching sport as well, especially when the big events are on. I’ll happily watch most sports during the Olympics.

Alcohol or soft drinks

Soft drinks

Staycation or travel the world

Staycation is normal for us, and I don’t have a passport that’s in date at the moment. There’s a few places I’d like to go but not so much that I’m going to actually book them.

Active holidays or pool relaxation

A bit of both.  I like to explore, but do like to have some relaxation time too.

Driving or being a passenger

Driving.  I love to drive.

Make up or au natural

Make up – but a natural look.  I always have foundation, powder, mascara and concealer on.

Boots or flip flops

Flip flops.  Haven’t yet got the boots out this autumn yet (although I am in tights/socks and shoes rather than flip flops)

Night owl or early bird

I’ve turned myself into a night owl thanks to blogging, but I do like to get things done in the mornings rather than going out in the afternoons.

Swim or sun bathing

Swim, especially if it’s swimming outside in the sun.

Dog or cat

Both.  I love having a dog, but only because they are out and about on the farm and I don’t have to walk them and pick up their poo! Shudder.  So if I wasn’t on the farm, it’d be a cat.  Cat litter is easier to deal with

Email or snail mail

I love receiving letters, but I’m lazy and emails are so much faster.


Hopefully that tells you a bit more about me and what makes me tick. If you’re a blogger, please do your own version of Either Or so we can get to know you.

I’m tagging the following bloggers, so do go over and see what they like: Stacey in the Sticks, Life as Mrs D and Suburban Mum.


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  1. no no no no no!!!!!! pineapple DOES NOT go on a pizza, pineapple is for puddings not main courses.
    I mush prefer to do my own driving as well.

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