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School days – lost trainers and World Book Day

It may have been quite a creative School Days post this week.  I say may because it was World Book day, but it was a bit of a damp squib for N in the end.  Here’s this week’s School Days update.

school days - world book day and human evolution - Bubbablue and me

World Book Day

As with many other children at schools and nurseries around the country, it was World Book Day this week.  N’s school were letting them come in dressed up with a note that costumes ‘should be from books and appropriate to school’ so none of the dodgy ones that you tend to see in the Daily Mail with parents aghast that their children were sent home due to inappropriate costumes that they couldn’t see a problem with.

I don’t really do sewing, and didn’t find anything that N would agree to wear from his dressing up box (no to Mr Bump, pirates, Rapunzel and Tinkerbell), but decided that a Horrid Henry jumper would be easy enough to put together.  N agreed, so a plain blue sweatshirt was purchased, some yellow material ready to stitch on.  On the Tuesday I cut out and pinned on the fabric to the jumper ready to do on the Wednesday evening.  But then I asked N to check if he still wanted to dress up, he said no.

‘I want to go in school uniform’. Horrid Henry’s jumper is the same colour so I would have thought he’d have agreed to it.  But no. Even telling him he might be the only one didn’t make him say yes to a costume.

So I saved on sewing and N happily went into school in his uniform.  He told me there were 2 others in his class not dressed up.  His comment for the day was that he went to get the register (his favourite job of the day apart from ringing the bell for the start of school) from the office, and chose the other 2 who weren’t dressed up to go with him.  Sweet.

Stage 2 phonics

This half term they’re back learning phonics again.  This time they’re split into 2 groups, and N’s in a smaller group with the TA. They’re learning speed sounds now, so groups of sounds like ‘ay’, ‘igh’, ‘ow’ and ‘ee’.  N’s really getting the hang of this well, although because they learn them by a phrase and then the sound (e.g. May I Play, ‘ay’), he quite often adds the m on the front when sounding ‘ay’.  I think that’s a bit of lack of concentration crossed with presumption of what the word says.

On day 2 of his reading book, he also read the book pretty much on his own without having to sound out all the words.  Hopefully that book was a turning point and he can realise that the more he practises the easier it’ll be.

Lost trainers and trousers

I despair of N sometimes.  He’ll forget immediate things but then remember events and chats from when he was 2 or 3!  But trying to get him to remember his trainers or bits of PE kit is a nightmare.

This week he told me he didn’t know where his trainers were. At school he gets away with it, because he’s got wellies there, although he can’t really wear those for sports.  Despite his assurance that he’d checked around the peg area and the lost property box, of course when I went in to look, I spotted them straight away.

I don’t understand why as soon as he takes something off, it doesn’t get put either in his PE bag or in his shoe box.  The same happened with his school trousers after football.  I picked him up from after school club in his filthy jogging trousers and trainers.  He denied knowing where his school trousers were, but when I picked him up on Friday afternoon at school, I spotted them strewn in the middle of the floor. He couldn’t really have missed them!  Obviously he could though.

Star of the week

N was very chuffed on Friday because he’d been chosen for star of the week…for having respect for school resources.  I’m wondering if that means he looks after things well?  Snort, shame he can’t do the same for his own belongings.

He very proudly told me this was his second star of the week, and that his best friend had only had it once, or was it twice. I think he needs to get his story straight, but it’s interesting to see him getting a bit competitive compared to previously when he couldn’t have been bothered.

Evolution and teachers are monkeys

I’ve no idea where his questions this week have come from but when N asked where people came from I had to rack my brains to work out which theory I was going to tell him.

Given it’s a C of E school and we’re also C of E, I told him about the story of Adam and Eve, how God created man, how Adam and Eve were tempted by the serpent with the apple and that’s how more people were created.  And then I talked to him about the scientific explanations, big bang, evolution and Charles Darwin and how humans evolved from being basically monkeys then changing over time to become like man we are today.  I really do need to do some reading about these because I don’t remember being specifically taught these things as a child, so there’s a bit of making things up as I’m going along.

The N came out with ‘The teacher said he was a monkey and so was the TA’.  Eh?  ‘Well, I’m not sure he’d have said that, maybe he was talking about how humans used to be monkeys and gradually became man through evolution development’.

‘No, definitely the teachers are monkeys’.  I think some clarification might be needed on that.  Maybe N’s getting mixed up.  It did make me laugh though.

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  1. Aww I used to love being on register duty at school lol that really brought back some memories. How good for N to stand up and stick with his decision not to dress up.

  2. My 9 year old can remember conversations we had two years ago but ALWAYS forgets to put his cereal bowl in the sink! They call that selective memory but I who knows. I know I sometimes have selective memory too, LOL! Popping over from #bloggerclubuk Facebook group

  3. This post tickles me! my son is the exact same he remembers random stuff we talked about or did years ago but can he remember to bring his jumoer home from school in summer when it’s warm and he takes it off in class…. no
    can he remember to hand in his home school diary every morning like the teacher asks…. no, so he gets a no diary given mark in his book when they finally do get it lol. Kids they are strange little humans. x

    1. You’re so right. N just tells me he’s bad at remembering. Drives me nuts! But then I have to write to do notes for me to remember things nowadays – sign of getting old and having had a baby!

  4. They are all so different. My boy comes home most days with the tidy desk award, but you wouldn’t believe it from his bedroom. Admittedly they are rewarded with a chocolate eclair sweet, so that might be where I’m going wrong.

    I go in and listen to children read at school for year 4. We use phonetics. It’s so well drummed in that when they encounter a multi syllable word they still use it to sound out. Seem to remember we had a parents meeting, at the beginning, to explain how to support them at home with phonetics.

    Joining in for the first time, as I don’t often blog about school. Nice change!

  5. I really think phonics is amazing. The school moved on before my step son really got to grips with it but if you can really get a handle on it then I think it’s brill. He can still decode words using it but doesn’t practice often enough as it’s not done in class (he’s primary 6).

    Sounds like a brill week despite no dressing up!

    1. I think the hard thing is a) not knowing it myself and b) not knowing how well he’s getting on from the teachers perspective and compared with others. It’s a slog getting him to practice and he’s refusing point blank to learn the words from his word envelope, and doesn’t seem to take in the tricky words.

      1. We had a parents evening where we all had to go in and learn but I learnt phonics as a teenager to help with my dyslexia so it was more like revision for me! But I wonder if there’s something on youtube? Have you told him you don’t know and asked him to teach you?

        1. I know the basics from reading around it, ie the sounds, and I can work out the blending but actually ‘teaching’ him and giving him pointers on that I don’t know. Tbh, I found reading easy as a child so just picked it up and my mum’s not around any more to ask what she did with us. Time and tiredness after school doesn’t help. Mornings are too frantic, so by the end of the day he’s fidgeting and moaning when we sit down to do them.

  6. I love that N is so independent, and just because others are dressing up he doesn’t have to. My children love being on register duty too, Funny how that little bit of independence makes them feel so special. As for not being able to find things, I find this equally frustrating too – I do wonder how they manage to loose so much so quickly!
    Well done N on being star of the week – oh, the irony!

    1. Ha ha on the irony. Oh yes.

      He absolutely loves being the register boy. And now always asks to ring the handbell too – but has to often take turns on that one. I think his urge to get in first to do these jobs is why everything else just gets strewn on the floor

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