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Project 366 2016 week 8 and 9

I missed last week’s round up of Project 366 – just too much on to get a post written, so it’s a double length one this week.  I’ll try to keep it shorter in words to make up for the double photos.

Week 8

On Sunday it was a potter at home kind of day.  I let out loose outside because he wanted to get some air before he spotted his dad in the farmyard, and was allowed to go off and meet him there. Previously the OH was always worried that N shouldn’t be let out to play on the drive, but there’s not that many cars coming and going, plus what there is will know he’s potentially around.  And he’s good knowing that he’s not allowed pass a certain point on his own.

one boy and his dog

On Monday I took one of a a few sunsets photos this week.  I feel like I’ve taken a few photos, but not every day shots. Roll on the lighter evenings so I have a better excise for getting out and photographing in better light.

sun set along the road

On Tuesday, N came and snuggled up with me in bed before getting up.  It doesn’t happen often anymore – the lure of breakfast, the tv and youtube are what drives him on in the morning. But it’s nice to snuggle and that’s when we often have our random questions and conversations.

snuggling under the duvet

On Wednesday I bought What Car to make a start on choosing a new car (well hopefully nearly new).  I’ve got a Qashqai at the moment which was a random purchase and hadn’t been a car on my list.  It’s been fine apart from the annoyance of rubbish air con and demisting ability, but now it’s costing me more and after getting an indicator sorted out, it’s now making some horrendously chugging sounds when it’s standing or going slowly, so I definitely need to get a move on, test drive and locate a car I like.

I’m after another crossover (potentially with 4×4 option although I still want it relatively economical,  but I really don’t know what – annoyingly I want to have bought before 2 new cars in the sector will be launched.  Any thoughts and advice welcome.

car buying research

Thursday was a lunchtime picture. Yes it might have turned cold, but there have been some glorious sunny weather.

sun behind the clouds

On Friday we had to kill time after my INR appointment and before another appointment, so we headed to Tesco to pick up the few things I needed.  That week there were lots of sampling experiments going on, so of course N got stuck in.

eating food samples in Tesco

I don’t often make dessert, but weekends generally need one.  So out came a Nigella recipe, for a no bake cherry cheesecake.  Yes it’s retro but crikey it taste good and noone moaned about it so it must have done down well.

cherry cheesecake

Week 9

On Sunday we went to the camping and caravanning show,  and afterwards N wanted to get out his golf clubs that the nursery manager passed on to us.  The grass was really still too wet, so he mostly had to stick with hitting a ball around the patio.  He was doing pretty well as connecting with the club.

trying out golf in the back garden

On Monday I nipped into town…probably for world book day preparations, and spotted this coach house set up.  So pretty – I do love to see all the historic buildings in town.  It’s funny because all the historic buildings with shops are all still around, but the modern ones in the high street or shopping centre have gone.

tudor style archway in Banbury

Tuesday and it’s another sky photo.  They’re just really beautiful, and so varied every time.  This was from the patio at home looking over our field behind.

sunset over the farm

On Wednesday I went to Oxford for a dancing freestyle evening.  It was back to being in the Town Hall again which is a beautiful venue, but even the walk from the car there was beautiful architecture lit up to look stunning.

lit up church windows in Oxford

On Thursday it was another quick nip into town for hangers and safety pins for labelling up my items to sell at our local NCT sale.  We have a Tiger in town, and it’s a great shop for quirky gifts and decoration ideas.  I’m not sure what you’d do with these monochrome eggs, but they caught my eye.

black and white porcelain eggs in Tiger

On Friday after work it was a bit manic. I had to pick up N, drop him at the farm, then whizz into town to have a face to face handover meeting with the incoming website and social media role.  So I can now step down from the committee.  After the handover, I headed to the nearly new sale set up session.  We always set up the hall the evening before so we’re ready for sellers to drop off the next day.  It’s always fun to do if hard work, and Friday is more  relaxed and a good opportunity to say hi to the usual suspects who’re involved with volunteering.

Setting up the Banbury NCT nearly new sale
Before…set up

On Saturday it was nearly new sale time.  Our branch is usually one of the top 20 sale branches which is brilliant.  This was the hall nearly ready for the buyers.  It was rammed with baby and kids equipment, toys and clothes.  However the snow the night before and the weather must have put people off because it felt like it was quieter on numbers through the door (no queuing around the outside of the hall to pay), but we think we still sold a lot of items.  Lots of my leftover items were to go to charity if they didn’t sell, so I’ve no idea how much I sold.  T shirts definitely weren’t good sellers despite their 50p price.

Banbury NCT nearly new sale ready for buyers

So that’s our last 2 weeks, and roll on the next one.

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  1. Cor, massive flashback to my NNS co-ordinator days with our local baby and toddler group; co-ordinating it all was a massive headache but it’s such a rewarding venture for everyone involved and you can get some massive bargains. You’re completely right about the sunsets at the moment, they are stunning and making my Sky Blanket much more interesting! I love morning snuggles in bed, they really do generate random conversations don’t they?

    Thanks for linking up, and sorry for the lack of commenting recently; life is proving to be a difficult balancing act!

  2. Busy couple of weeks! That cheesecake looks amazing. Love your sky photos – ours have been too grey! Kaz x

  3. Oooh that cake looks delicious and glad you had a nice snuggle with N. What a beautiful sunset as well it is always nice to view a nice sunset.

  4. The cheesecake looks delicious, might have to give that one a go, no advice for cars as we have a 9 seater !
    The NCT looks as chaotic as the local NCT ladies tell me they are! I had to do another two weeks in one too.

    1. March is usually the time for them, so definitely check it out quickly. I used to love them for buying, but now N’s too old (apart from books). Handy for selling stuff on although I didn’t have much this time.

  5. There’s nothing wrong with a retro cherry cheesecake!! They are amazing! I love all your photos, they are so pretty.

    I have heard great things about the ‘Tiger’ store, we have had a new one open up not too far from us, I may have to head over and check it out!

    I hope you have a quieter and relaxing week this week xx

  6. No advice on the 4×4 I am afraid, I have a grand picasso because i need 7 seats. That cherry cheesecake looks amazing

  7. Busy couple of weeks. I loved going to NCT sales to buy bits for friends babies and my niece. Your photos of the buildings and skies are beautiful. Love how different the skies all are. Mm cheesecake, and double mm for a Nigella one. Looks scrummy. #project366

  8. Ooo, that cheesecake looks fab! Love the sky photos, so pretty, especially the pink/purple one – amazing colours! I am on a huge mission to clear out all the baby/toddler stuff we don’t need, an NCT sale would be useful 🙂

  9. you had me at cheesecake! I saw the photo and had to click on it! I have made that one before and it is amazing – i love a retro cherry cheesecake!
    Well done on your NCT work – i bet that was a very tiring time! sounds like a good couple of weeks and well done for catching up on the project x

  10. Well done to you for volunteering for the NCT sale, that always looks like such hard work! I love the photo of N peeping out from under the pillow and your cheesecake looks delicious!

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