Christmas bauble on the tree

Project 366 2016 week 50 – Christmas run up

It’s week 50 of Project 366, and we’re on the home run to the end of 2016.  Only the last couple of weeks to go, so we’re deep in the Christmas run up and getting involved with lots of festive events. 2 Christmas lunches already this week.

On Sunday we went to Waddesdon Manor to see the Christmas lights and decorations. We didn’t stay for the lights in the end, but the house was beautifully decorated as usual.

tassles corridor at waddesdon

On Monday it was back to work. I didn’t take any photos apart from lots of the tree.  I love our tree, although I would like a bigger more full one. I’m just too much of a cheapskate to buy a bigger one.

Christmas bauble on the tree

On Tuesday it was N’s christmas nativity play (with a difference). They performed Lights Camel Action, which was a Strictly Come Dancing themed play. It was a great performance, and I’ll share it in another post.

Christmas nativity morris dancing shepherd

On Wednesday it was just more work and school. N spends most evenings a bit hyper and that day was no exception. I had no idea what he was up to before bathtime but there was all manner of faces and dancing going on.

mucking about before bathtime

On Thursday, it was my work conference. A very hungry conference as we arrived at 9.30 with biscuits on offer. And then had to wait until 3 to eat lunch.  It was delicious Pieminister pies, but blimey were were all so hungry.

Pieminister turkey pie

On Friday it was the last tennis session of the year. N really wanted to win player of the week again because it would mean having the trophy for the whole holidays. He didn’t win but they were all given chocolate treats for Christmas which made up for it. They were practising serving throwing action and volleys.  It wasn’t the best week for N’s tennis, but he’d missed 2 weeks being ill so will take a few weeks to get back to being consistent again.

practising tennis ball throw

On Saturday I was on my own because it was shoot day on the farm, so N went out with his dad beating all day.  I headed over to Stratford to finish off my Christmas shopping. It didn’t go that well – I forgot my bank card – but I did manage to get most of the final presents.

Vanilla hill shop display
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  1. anything probably would have tasted nice having had to wit that long for it, I would have wilted long before that!!
    Nice to see variations on a theme for nativity plays, but shame really as The Nativity is based on what happened then shame to change it.
    OOps at forgetting the bamk card

    1. I do love Stratford for shopping. Just feels a bit classier than Banbury – Banbury needs to take note of how Stratford has kept people shopping in the centre when outside there’s the big main shops

  2. Oh dear! Not good to forget your bank card when you’re Christmas shopping!
    I think I would be half dead if I had to wait until 3 for my lunch. Some days it’s a struggle to even wait until 12!
    Merry Christmas to you all. x

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